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[News] X Server 1.8 Planning Has Begun

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Proposed Process Changes For X Server 1.8

,----[ Quote ]
| Peter Hutterer, who has been working on the X.Org input 
| code for some time and is the developer behind MPX, late 
| into the X.Org 7.5 release cycle decided to step up to 
| the plate and personally get this important X.Org update 
| out the door. Peter is not stopping after X Server 1.7, 
| but has already made a proposal regarding the release 
| and development changes going forward for X Server 1.8 
| and into the future. 



X Server 1.7 Has Its First Snapshot

,----[ Quote ]
| It's coming late, but it looks like we may finally see X.Org 7.5 in the next
| month. The biggest component making up X.Org 7.5 is X Server 1.7, which is
| finally getting underway with test releases after its code was frozen earlier
| this week.


X Server 1.6 Lives On With Another Release

,----[ Quote ]
| Originally
| X.Org 7.5 was supposed to be out in April, but it looks like we are still at
| least a few months from seeing this important update that introduces
| Multi-Pointer X and other new features and changes.


X Server 1.6.0 Has Been Released

,----[ Quote ]
| Version 1.3 of the Resize and Rotate extension in X Server 1.6 supports
| projective transformations, panning, and other new options. More details on
| that can be found in our RandR 1.3 Explained, Demonstrated article along with
| a video showing some of the RandR 1.3 features. DRI2, of course, allows a
| number of new features such as the ability to enable direct rendering to
| redirected windows.

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