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[News] The Ubuntu Powerhouse Starts Thinking Business

  • Subject: [News] The Ubuntu Powerhouse Starts Thinking Business
  • From: Roy Schestowitz <newsgroups@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Sun, 27 Sep 2009 21:26:50 +0100
  • Followup-to: comp.os.linux.advocacy
  • Newsgroups: comp.os.linux.advocacy
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Ubuntu business model- a misunderstood concept 

,----[ Quote ]
| Canonical, the business arm of Ubuntu, has one of the  
| most promising business models in the Linux world, 
| and also the most misunderstood. First of all, Ubuntu 
| is in a market termed by economists as a perfectly 
| competitive market. This means that it cannot charge 
| any price beyond that which is determined by the 
| market. The only way to make profit, as has rightly 
| been identified by Canonical is to create an 
| ecosystem of products and services around Ubuntu, 
| which would complement the functions of the OS.


Canonical/Ubuntu CEO Mark Shuttleworth Visits Dell

,----[ Quote ]
| Mark Shuttleworth, founder of Canonical and Ubuntu, 
| sat for a video interview with Dell Cloud Computing 
| Evangelist Barton George. In it, Shuttleworth takes a 
| âservice packâ shot at Windows 7 and covers numerous 
| questions about Canonicalâs business and cloud 
| strategy. Hereâs the video â plus some perspectives 
| from WorksWithU.


Ubuntu Software Store Renamed

,----[ Quote ]
| The new "Ubuntu Software Store" has been renamed to 
| âUbuntu Software Centerâ  - caving in to users 
| dissatisfaction over the choice of name.



A Tour of the Ubuntu Software Store

,----[ Quote ]
| If youâre not impressed with the Ubuntu Software Store, I donât blame you.
| Itâs really not much more than a new interface that does the same thing
| Add/Remove does. The exciting parts of the Software Store donât really come
| until Ubuntu 9.10, when it will replace Add/Remove, Synaptic, Software
| Sources, and, possibly, Update Manager. Later you will be able to buy
| commercial applications in addition to the free ones already available. Over
| the next several releases, the Ubuntu Software Store could provide one of the
| first realistic ways for shareware developers to sell software for Linux and,
| at the same time, make it much easier for new users to understand the
| software installation process. For now, though, weâll just have to wait and
| see.


Canonical Unveils The Ubuntu Software Store

,----[ Quote ]
| Well, those are the plans at least. As you can see from the screenshots,
| right now the Ubuntu Software Store is quite basic and really does not
| deliver anything new to the Ubuntu package management stack besides a
| simplified user-interface. The main screen provides icons for different areas
| (Accessories, Education, Internet, Office, etc...) while there are basic
| search capabilities, a list view when looking at packages in a specific area
| or the search results, and then a basic individual package view. Obviously,
| there is a whole lot of work left to be done before Ubuntu 9.10 rolls around
| and even more is ahead for future releases. Look for the Ubuntu Software
| Store to appear in Ubuntu 9.10 Alpha 5.

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