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[News] [Rival] Google Gains at Microsoft's Expense and GNU/Linux Too

  • Subject: [News] [Rival] Google Gains at Microsoft's Expense and GNU/Linux Too
  • From: Roy Schestowitz <newsgroups@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Sun, 27 Sep 2009 22:18:53 +0100
  • Followup-to: comp.os.linux.advocacy
  • Newsgroups: comp.os.linux.advocacy
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No Signal Despite Claims ; Tech Heads

,----[ Quote ]
| If Microsoft Office is too expensive, and OpenOffice.org is 
| too hefty, try Lotus Symphony.
| Symphony is a free office suite featuring a word processor, 
| spreadsheet and presentation software. It uses the Open 
| Document Format but is also compatible with most a 
| Microsoft formats like .doc and .xls and, even better, it's 
| multi-platform - there areversions for Windows, Mac and 
| Linux. 


Fed plan helps Google in cloud race with Microsoft

,----[ Quote ]
| Google Inc.'s plan to design a set of cloud services for 
| federal government agencies could give the company a boost 
| in its effort to take on Microsoft Corp. on the desktop.


Google Chrome Is a Lock for 10% Share, but How Much More?

,----[ Quote ]
| Google Chrome could easily reach 10 percent market share by 
| 2011, but it could do more than that by being bundled with 
| PCs by Sony, HP, Dell and Lenovo. Every analyst eWEEK 
| polled said that while the Sony deal gives Google a toehold 
| in PC bundling, it isn't enough for Google and high-tech 
| watchers to get excited over. PC manufacturers, which have 
| nothing but dumb boxes of metal, plastic and silicon 
| without an OS to support them, could fear spurning 
| Microsoft by going with Chrome.


Microsoft takes notice as more people use free Google Docs

,----[ Quote ]
| No one knows how fast the market for online productivity 
| programs will grow. IBM sells Lotus Symphony and Lotus Live 
| as an online suite; Zoho offers free Office-like tools 
| popular with students.


Google barks back at Microsoft over Chrome Frame security

,----[ Quote ]
| Google hit back at Microsoft today, defending the security 
| of its new Chrome Frame plug-in and claiming that the 
| software actually makes Internet Explorer (IE) safer and 
| more secure.


IE 8 runs ten times faster with Google Chrome plug-in

,----[ Quote ]
| According to tests run by Computerworld , Internet Explorer 
| 8 (IE8) was 9.6 times faster than IE8 on its own. 
| Computerworld ran the SunSpider JavaScript benchmark suite 
| three times each for IE8 with Chrome Frame, and IE8 without 
| the plug-in, then averaged the scores.



NZ Post trials open source on desktops

,----[ Quote ]
| The project is about freedom and diversity in the choice of operating
| systems, not about specifically moving towards an open-source desktop, says
| NZ Postâs technology innovation manager, Barry Polley. NZ Post already uses
| some open source software, for example Red Hat Linux in the companyâs
| datacentre, but not on the desktop.
| NZ Post is the only government-owned agency that has gone public on its
| participation in the Remix open-source public-sector desktop programme (see
| page 14), coordinated by the New Zealand Open Source Society (NZOSS).


NZ Post: why we chose Google over Microsoft

,----[ Quote ]
| She was also drawn to Google Apps features, figuring they can yield a further
| $1 million saving by dint of productivity gains. While staff have document
| collaboration capability with todayâs Microsoft products, Google Apps makes
| it easier to share a file, or for more than one person, in more than one
| place, to work on a document. Google Apps will also see NZ Post use IM and
| desktop video (again, also available in Microsoft iterations) for the first
| time.


Google Apps oust Microsoft at Postal Services Group

,----[ Quote ]
| NZ Post unit to ditch Outlook, Exchange and probably SharePoint for 2,100
| workers

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