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Re: What Linux isn't

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____/ RonB on Tuesday 29 Sep 2009 11:05 : \____

> Saw this quoted on nz.comp by "Lodi" -- couldn't be said better...
> ~~
> Linux is not interested in market share. Linux does not have customers.
> Linux does not have shareholders, or a responsibility to the bottom
> line. Linux was not created to make money. Linux does not have the goal
> of being the most popular and widespread OS on the planet.
> All the Linux community wants is to create a really good,
> fully-featured, free operating system. If that results in Linux becoming
> a hugely popular OS, then that's great. If that results in Linux having
> the most intuitive, user-friendly interface ever created, then that's
> great. If that results in Linux becoming the basis of a multi-billion
> dollar industry, then that's great.
> It's great, but it's not the point. The point is to make Linux the best
> OS that the community is capable of making. Not for other people: For
> itself. The oh-so-common threats of "Linux will never take over the
> desktop unless it does such-and-such" are simply irrelevant: The Linux
> community isn't trying to take over the desktop. They really don't care
> if it gets good enough to make it onto your desktop, so long as it stays
> good enough to remain on theirs.
> ~~
> http://linux.oneandoneis2.org/LNW.htm
> Well, there you go, Snit, Hadron, Ezekiel, DFS and the rest of you
> WinTrolls and MacTrolls who presume to tell Linux users what they
> "really" should want.

Linux has many /users/ whose aim is to make money, _using Linux_. They do pretty
well. Google and IBM don't complain.

Linux developers are paid professionals.

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