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Re: August 2009 browser stats: IE continues its slow decline

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____/ bbgruff on Tuesday 29 Sep 2009 22:42 : \____

>>> He's been at it quite a while, eh?  I never read him though.
>> LOL!!!
>> How does Microsoft repay him for the shilling?
> Are you suggesting that he's "taken the Microsoft shilling"? :-)

Someone mailed me the following in 2007 (a stranger, so I can't confirm authenticity):


i just happened to notice that you spent some text debunking my old 'friend'
bill weisgerber last spring.

i went around with bill (& a host of other paid2post shills) on a nytimes
forum for over 3 years. despite being exposed for what/who they were/are,
they just would not quit their mindless pr firm hypenosys. at that time, the
nytimes was quite supportive of their charade. what a blight.

just anecdotal.

best regards, 


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