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[News] Chrome Finds New GNU/Linux Fans

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Waiting for Chrome 

,----[ Quote ]
| I keep expecting Google to release an alpha version of their 
| Chrome operating system, but it hasn't happened yet. I know 
| they're working on it, but that's about all I can say. However, 
| over in China, there's a story of early devices running alpha 
| Chrome and some Linux fans have made their own version of Chrome.


Chromium test (two days without Firefox)

,----[ Quote ]
| The first thing Iâll say (like everybody else) is that it is 
| fast. Now having a 64bit Firefox with tracemonkey I can see what 
| they mean when they say how much of an improvement faster 
| javascript rendering makes. I did a sunspider test on the new 
| Firefox and got 1600 score. Running the same test with Chromium 
| got me a 1200 score.


Ten Reasons Why You Should Boycott Skype

,----[ Quote ]
| If you want to understand what Skype actually is, it might help 
| to picture an almighty telephone and mail company. This company 
| can not only spy on your private conversations and has total 
| control over them, but it also forces you to use it. It owns the 
| telephone lines and all mail transportation and does not let 
| other companies use them. At the same time, you are bound to only 
| use their telephone and mailboxes. Despite of these facts, more 
| and more people are using Skype and even begin using the word âto 
| skypeâ as a general term for talking and chatting over the 
| internet.



Try Out a Fan-Made "Chrome OS" Linux Build

,----[ Quote ]
| "Chrome OS" was built using SUSE Studio, a
| distribution and virtual appliance builder spawned
| from the OpenSUSE Linux distribution. It loads up with
| a Chrome icon, uses built-in webapp links to Google
| Calendar, Gmail, and other Google services as apps,
| and carries a copy of OpenOffice, just in case you
| need some straight-up desktop editing done. Most
| importantly, it holds the latest development copy of
| Google Chrome inside, along with a pre-built Flash
| plug-in.

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