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Re: [News] UNIX and Linux Eat Microsoft's Share in Servers, Phones, Desktops

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____/ High Plains Thumper on Friday 02 Oct 2009 00:20 : \____

>>> I've composed a message:
>>> http://groups.google.com/group/comp.os.linux.advocacy/msg/db9d17359ae5a0ef
>>> I think you'll love this one.  The user base speaks.
>> Thanks a lot!
> I am glad you like it.  :-)
> Here's my favourites:
> [quote]
> #48  samob
> Posted 23 July 2009 - 09:01 AM
> I almost did the upgrade to windows 7 premium from Vista Premium.
> The reason I didn't is that I will lose XP support with 7
> Premium. Only 7 Professional and 7 Ultimate show as having
> support for XP programs. So that means I'd have to buy the full
> Pro or Ultimate. Do a clean install which would be better
> anyways. But the cost is so high for the clean install that I'm
> already half way to buying a new laptop. Everyone always talks
> about how great mac is. Maybe it's time to try a Mac for 1,000
> dollars and just keep Vista on my home system.
> 50 dollars would have been a reasonable cost to pay for an
> upgrade to 7. I just don't see why they would not give XP support
> with premium 7. Also not sure why they charge more for the
> capability to do a clean install. That's just ridiculous. Who
> wouldn't want to be able to do a clean install? I know it's a
> hassle to put your personal things on another drive but to have a
> clean system install is the only way to do anything in my
> opinion. That's been Windows worst trait that follows every
> operating system from day one. Clutter! Does it really need all
> that junk? Like a damn packrat.
> [/quote]

IOW, Vista 7 is a facility for running XP programs with some Aero CPU/GPU hog.

Selling point: it's not as bad as Vista. [yes, and eating grass is better than eating dung]

> Saving the last for best:
> [quote]
> #63  Hamranhansenhansen
> Posted 18 August 2009 - 05:09 PM
> I don't get it. It seems like Windows is a ton of work. To
> administer it, to install it, to maintain it, and even just to
> work with it. All day long you are making things that are only
> compatible with Microsoft when the majority of computers don't
> run Microsoft software.
> Check out how incompatible with the rest of the world you are:
> * Windows has NT instead of Unix like everybody else, so Windows
> users have viruses and botnets while Unix users have free Web
> server software and PHP and Ruby and Perl and so on.
> * Windows has DirectX instead of OpenGL like everybody else, so
> while we all have hardware-accelerated graphics on our
> smartphones with built-in OpenGL chips, you guys rarely see 3D
> even on your PC, unless it's in a game.
> * Windows has legacy Microsoft text encodings instead of UTF-8
> like everybody else, so you guys make Web pages with bad
> characters in them and I have to fix them for hundreds of dollars
> per hour.
> * Windows has HTML 3.2 instead of HTML 5 like everybody else, so
> you guys are seeing basically a 10 year old Web. Also, IE 8 is
> half the speed of even the slowest modern browser. It's
> remarkable to me you can do without typography also.

Chrome is said to be super-fast. It runs on all platforms (soon officially).

> * Windows has Windows Media instead of ISO MPEG-4 like everybody
> else. That is like having an optical disc drive that can't read
> CD and DVD. About 90% of the world's digital media is in ISO
> MPEG-4, including all of iTunes and all of YouTube.
> I guess if you use all Microsoft products you don't notice this?
> Or maybe after playing Microsoft's various upgrade games and
> activation and installing all your apps over again to go from XP
> to Windows 7, you don't mind installing Firefox and iTunes and
> EasyPHP and a dozen other popular Windows apps that make a
> Windows system into the lamest Unix in the world.
> When you can put Ubuntu on almost anything, and there is not only
> WINE but also a free virtualizer to run your whole XP, I
> sincerely don't get why you would bother going to Vista-based
> Windows. What kind of cool things are you expecting to happen on
> NT/DOS over the next few years? What is worth the hundreds of
> dollars in licensing fees, but even more, what is worth all this
> I-T work? What are you going to get on the other side?
> [/quote]

Exactly. I found this a few days ago:

Ubuntu Is Pretty Cool (My Linux Experiment)

,----[ Quote ]
|     * I had an old Windows XP laptop that was slow and
|     required constant attention. One of the great
|     things about almost any Linux distribution is that
|     is small and efficient. It is often recommended as
|     a good way to get some new life out of an older
|     machine.
|     * Ubuntu makes it easy. I picked the Ubuntu
|     distribution because it was easy to figure out and
|     install. The software takes you step by step
|     through the process and even gives you the option
|     to split your hard drive so you can have both
|     Linux and Windows (or whatever) on the same
|     machine.
|     * I am not sacrificing much (if anything). As the
|     title to this post suggests, Ubuntu is pretty
|     cool. True, the user interface is a little
|     different but, having oriented myself (and pretty
|     quickly for an old guy, I am proud to say), it
|     seems a little better than Windows. It does well
|     all of the things my old Windows machine did
|     poorly. I have faster web-browsing now through my
|     trusty Firefox browser. Web apps (like Google
|     Docs) are operating system agnostic and I have yet
|     to run into a major plugin that is not also
|     available for Linux distributions. Open Office (a
|     free Office-like application) works very well with
|     most of my Office files (and others). There are
|     also tons of new productivity and gaming
|     applications to explore as well, all with little
|     (some would say no) risk of virus or malware
|     infection.


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