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[News] [OT] Big Business (Like IBM/Microsoft) Still Controlling Policies

  • Subject: [News] [OT] Big Business (Like IBM/Microsoft) Still Controlling Policies
  • From: Roy Schestowitz <newsgroups@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Tue, 06 Oct 2009 13:28:48 +0100
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Change... Haha!

Obama and the K Street Set

,----[ Quote ]
| There is something uniquely depressing about the fact 
| that the National Portrait Gallery's version of the 
| Barack Obama "Hope" poster previously belonged to a pair 
| of lobbyists. Depressing because Mr. Obama's Washington 
| was not supposed to be the lobbyists' Washington, the 
| place we learned to despise during the last 
| administration.


Lobbyists As The New Celebrities? Cheering On Those Who Abuse The System

,----[ Quote ]
| As Copycense notes, it looks like DC lobbyists may be 
| getting the celebrity treatment these days, similar to 
| the hedge fund batch a few years ago. It's as if the 
| press gleefully looks for those who abuse the system for 
| greed to celebrate. What a shame.


Having bought the government, Goldman Sachs shuts down its Versailles desk


Goldman Sachs Wants Its Money, CIT

,----[ Quote ]
| My TARP sense is tingling and it tells me it might be 
| time for the taxpayer to bend over. Again.


Goldman Sachs Internal Memo

,----[ Quote ]
| The memo is touching in firm loyalty, surely a tribute 
| to the all their hard work and well-known contributions 
| towards rhe recovery of the US economy.


Let Freedom Wane: The Fed's Role as Regulator and Obama's Failure to Reform

,----[ Quote ]
| 1. The Fed is in fact not a government institution, but 
| owned by private and corporate banking interests. The 
| failure of self-regulation and regulators who have been 
| 'captured' by the corporations they regulate is one of 
| the great lessons of this crisis.


Warner gives warning to Wall Street on pay

,----[ Quote ]
| Goldman Sachs spokesman Lucas Van Praag didn't 
| immediately return messages seeking comment.


GOLDMAN SACHS may be rolling in the dough these days, but it is dough from government handoutsânot from âfree-marketâ trading.

,----[ Quote ]
| So whatâs wrong with Goldman posting $3.44 billion in 
| second-quarter profits, and so far earmarking $11.4 
| billion in compensation for its employees? Whatâs wrong 
| is that this is not âfree-marketâ earnings but an almost 
| pure state subsidy.


Goldman Sachs & J.P. Morgan Quietly Buying Up the Media

,----[ Quote ]
| Every since the Corporations have bought up the media, 
| the very idea of 'honest journalism' has been a joke in 
| America.  
| I grew up with the likes of Edward R. Murrow and Walter 
| Cronkite - I KNOW what real and honest journalism is all 
| about.  
| The 'propaganda' corporate machine that rules the 
| airwaves now, is nothing more than a tool to control the 
| message/masses, and at all costs, whatever 'they' do 
| 'they' will make certain that stories like the one on 
| Sibel Edmonds (on the diary recommended list) never, 
| ever see the light of day.  God forbid, America should 
| hear the 'truth' about America and England planning to 
| divide up Iraq months prior to 9/11.    


New York man accused of using Twitter to direct protesters during G20 summit

,----[ Quote ]
| Elliott Madison arrested by FBI and charged with using 
| social networking site to help demonstrators evade 
| Pittsburgh police


Protesting is a crime now?
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