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Re: Microsoft Kills Linux Netbooks Then Whines about Losing Money

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____/ Terry Porter on Thursday 08 Oct 2009 01:55 : \____

> On Wed, 07 Oct 2009 09:17:58 -0700, nessuno wrote:
>> On Sep 28, 5:38 pm, Terry Porter <linu...@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>>> On Mon, 28 Sep 2009 19:46:18 +0000, 7 wrote:
>>> > Who uses laptops these days? I don't. Its a laughable clunk that
>>> > windiots carry around.
>>> I was on a train a while back, and saw some poor smuck unfold his
>>> windows laptop roaster to use. The thing was so big it took up all the
>>> space where he was sitting.
>>> What a joke, he barely had room to use it. If the train had applied
>>> emergency breaking, he would probably have had to have it surgically
>>> removed from his upper body.
>>> > I use EEE with 40Gb SSD and 3D translucent compiz. Nothing to beat it
>>> > on the market for speed, desktop functionality and efficiency on the
>>> > move.
>>> Exactly!
>>> It's just small enough to be useful, yet not so large it's a joke (or
>>> dangerous).
>>> Netbooks, and I mean 'netbooks' according to the original meaning
>>> before microsoft tried to pervert the description, are *perfect* for
>>> *mobile* use, as every smart user of technology knows.
>>> That excludes the trolls and socks here on cola.
>>> --
>>> C.O.L.A Charter:-
>>> "For discussion of the benefits of GNU/Linux compared to other
>>> operating systems."
>> I do, too.  I bought a Macbook Pro several years ago, and, in view of
>> the investment, I'll probably keep on using it.
> They are a thing of beauty, Apple got that part 100% right :)
>>  It works well, but is a
>> lot to lug around.  The way things are now, however, I wouldn't do it
>> again (buy a Mac laptop), since Linux serves all my needs, at least all
>> those on when I'm travelling.
>> My friends who use netbooks (two:  one uses Windows, the other Linux)
>> love them because of their portability.
> Yes, the smaller netbooks just can't be beat for mobile usage. I'm sure
> my Asus EeePC900 is at the optimum size for screen and keyboard. If it
> was smaller or larger, it just wouldn't be as useful to me.
> I use it every single day testing WiFi orders I have built, swapping
> between wired and wireless configs all the time and it takes up precious
> little benchspace.

In places like Germany, Linux-running netbooks are very abundant. UK, US and AU
customers may easily get the wrong impression. Microsoft has not found a solution
to the "ARM  nuisance" yet.

$100 netbooks are coming soon.

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