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[News] K Desktop Environment Gets New Theme, More 3-D Effects, and GNOME 3 is Coming

  • Subject: [News] K Desktop Environment Gets New Theme, More 3-D Effects, and GNOME 3 is Coming
  • From: Roy Schestowitz <newsgroups@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Sat, 10 Oct 2009 09:53:11 +0100
  • Followup-to: comp.os.linux.advocacy
  • Newsgroups: comp.os.linux.advocacy
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Anew color theme that might work better on 

,----[ Quote ]
| A small post for a not so small
| screenshot .
| some less optimal screens, the windeco is 
| now much more configurable and you can 
| set its to be extremely thin or bigger if 
| you so desire, the active glow as been 
| improved, we have new windec buttons that 
| have better contrast and great animation 
| effects.


Cube Gears

,----[ Quote ]
| I broke a promise, the promise to never 
| ever implement the most useless Compiz 
| effect in KWin: cube gears. Well I was 
| not motivated enough to work in a 
| productive way yesterday and thought 
| âjust have a look on how Compiz does the 
| gearsâ. I looked at it and there arenât 
| many Compiz dependencies, itâs just 
| painting gears. So I just took the code 
| added it into cube and there was a gear.


Install the KDE 4.3.2 on ubuntu 9.04


Desktop Environments

,----[ Quote ]
| The GNU Network Object Model Environment 
| (GNOME) and the K Desktop Environment 
| (KDE) have long been the Linux/UNIX 
| options for fully graphical environments. 
| Long ago, it seemed that these two were 
| truly all we needed. You chose one. It 
| would work well in nearly any situation. 
| It was nimble enough to run on most 
| hardware, and it was prettier than most 
| other operating systems' graphical 
| environments. 


Are Linux distros downplaying the Gnome 3.0 preview?

,----[ Quote ]
| Lately, there has been some obervers in 
| the Linux community that have been 
| wondering if some Linux distributions 
| might be sort of downplaying the Gnome 
| 3.0 Stealth Preview. Having pushed KDE 
| 4.0 too early on some of its users, those 
| Linux distributions might have made an 
| overkill and in the process could have 
| broken a promise to keep the new Gnome 
| away from some users until it is fully 
| completed and that its been fully tested.



A closer look at Kubuntu Karmic Koala and KDE 4.3.1

,----[ Quote ]
| Ubuntu Karmic Koala is still in Beta status, but
| looks very promising. To some extend it beats the
| Release Candidate of Microsoft Windows 7, especially
| in Wireless networking support.
| The big win of Karmic Koala are its even further
| improved speed, less resources hungriness and
| improved hardware support.
| I tested Microsoft Windows 7 RC1 (build 7100),
| Kubuntu GNU/Linux Karmic Koala Alpha 5 and Ubuntu
| GNU/Linux Karmic Koala Beta 1 last week and I'm
| afraid Windows 7 will (b)eat the dust.


KDE 4.3.2 Release Announcement

,----[ Quote ]
| KDE Community Ships Second Translation and Service
| Release of the 4.3 Free Desktop, Containing Numerous
| Bugfixes, Performance Improvements and Translation
| Updates
| October 6th, 2009. Another month has passed since the
| release of KDE 4.3.0, so today the KDE Community
| announces the immediate availability of KDE 4.3.2, a
| bugfix, translation and maintenance update for the
| latest generation of the most advanced and powerful
| free desktop. KDE 4.3.2 is a monthly update to KDE
| 4.3. It ships with a desktop workspace and many
| cross-platform applications such as administration
| programs, network tools, educational applications,
| utilities, multimedia software, games, artwork,
| development tools and more. KDE's award-winning tools
| and applications are available in more than 50
| languages.

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