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[News] Nouveau and ATI Make Linux Progress

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Nouveau Developments: KMS, Suspend & Resume

,----[ Quote ]
| Since the release of Fedora 11 (early 
| June), the Nouveau driver has matured 
| with its kernel mode-setting, support 
| for G80 series kernel mode-setting, 
| improvements to its NVIDIA video BIOS 
| reading abilities, a new method for 
| submitting commands to the display 
| engine (display push buffer), tiled 
| scan-out, and suspend-and-resume support 
| with Nouveau KMS. Kernel mode-setting 
| for NVIDIA hardware with the Nouveau 
| driver will be the default in Fedora 12. 


ATI R300-R500 Gallium3D Driver Is "Mostly" Done

,----[ Quote ]
| According to this update, the status of 
| Gallium3D on ATI R300 through R500 
| hardware has changed from "TODO" and 
| "WIP" to being "DONE" for the Softpipe 
| pass-through and being "MOSTLY" for the 
| core driver.


Getting Stanford's "Karel the Robot" to Run in Debian's Eclipse

,----[ Quote ]
| Iâm taking Stanfordâs Open Courseware 
| âProgramming Methodologyâ this semester, 
| but I got stumped early on by the 
| problem of setting up the special 
| Stanford class libraries in my Debian-
| standard Eclipse installation.



Nouveau Companion 41

,----[ Quote ]
| Just in time for the holidays is a new Nouveau Companion newsletter to update
| the community on the status of this open-source 2D/3D NVIDIA driver that is
| written by clean room reverse-engineering of NVIDIA's binary driver. It has
| been a while since Nouveau Companion 40, but there is still active work going
| into this X.Org driver. Among the topics covered in the 41st edition of the
| Nouveau Companion is kernel mode-setting, Gallium3D, layering GEM on top of
| TTM (similar to the GEM-ified TTM Radeon driver), and thermal monitoring code
| for the Nouveau driver.
| Well, I bet most of you did not expect me to show up shortly before the end
| of the year with yet another TiNDC. There has been some turmoil regarding my
| job. At first it was too much work followed by a somewhat unexpected folding
| of the company. So I had to find a new job, which is why I never turned up
| for quite some time.


Ubuntu 9.04 To Get Nouveau Driver

,----[ Quote ]
| The Nouveau driver has been in development for several years now but with
| limited developers that are reverse-engineering NVIDIA's GPUs and there being
| no public documentation or support from NVIDIA, it has taken quite a while to
| come up with a reputable open-source driver that supports all of NVIDIA's
| hardware. Nouveau still doesn't have a stable released version of its 2D DDX
| or Mesa 3D driver, but development snapshots of it have appeared in Fedora
| and a few other distributions. With the release of Ubuntu 9.04 next April, a
| packaged version of Nouveau will finally appear in Ubuntu's repositories.



Nouveau Companion 37

,----[ Quote ]
| In the thirty-seventh edition of the Nouveau Companion, the topics covered
| largely come down to Gallium3D, the status of the Nouveau driver for each of
| the NVIDIA product families (primarily the GeForce 8 series), and of interest
| is that RandR 1.2 should soon be enabled by default for this
| reverse-engineered open-source 2D/3D NVIDIA driver.


Nouveau: glxgears on NV4x

,----[ Quote ]
| The exciting announcement, however, is word that the 3D driver is
| functioning with NV4x hardware and glxgears is now running. However,
| glxgears still has issues with pre-NV4x hardware. With glxgears now
| reported to function on NV4x hardware with Nouveau, we could not
| help but to try this. We had built everything from git on January
| 28, 2006, and yes, glxgears was running! The GPU was a NVIDIA
| GeForce 6150 and the Linux distribution used was Fedora Core 6.

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