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[News] Surveillance in the UK Increased

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UK Border Agency suspends 'flawed' asylum DNA testing

,----[ Quote ]
| The UK Border Agency has quietly suspended its 
| heavily-criticised attempt to test asylum seekers' 
| nationality by DNA fingerprinting and isotope 
| analysis.
| Officials have been told that the "Human Provenance 
| Pilot", described as "naive and scientifically 
| flawed" by Sir Alec Jeffreys, the inventor of DNA 
| fingerprinting, has been "temporarily suspended".


Essex Police in DNA FOI dodge

,----[ Quote ]
| A story has just appeared online on the Essex 
| Gazette website, detailing the refusal of Essex 
| Police to answer an eminently reasonable Freedom of 
| Information Request on how many people in Essex 
| have asked to have their DNA removed from the 
| national database.


ID card support hits bottom under Brown

,----[ Quote ]
| The research, carried out by ICM research, showed 
| that 60 per cent of the UK population think that ID 
| cards are a "bad idea" with 38 per cent saying they 
| are a good idea. The national identity database - 
| which will underpin the scheme - is opposed by a 
| two to one majority.


Free software is a good anti-surveillance measure.


ID card ad campaign to launch later this year

,----[ Quote ]
| The Home Office is to spend over Â500,000 this year
| on a marketing campaign for the identity card that
| features cartoon fingerprints.


All dogs to be microchipped with owner's details to 'help track pets'

,----[ Quote ]
| Owners will be forced to install the microchip
| containing a barcode that can store their pet's
| name, breed, age and health along with their own
| address and phone number.


Castrol roadside billboard ANPR snoopvertising - another DVLA database privacy scandal

,----[ Quote ]
| Remember that the definition of "personal data" includes
| partially or poorly "anonymised data", which
| can easily be cross referenced with another system
| e.g. Vehicle Number Plate and just the first part
| of the Post Code of the Registered Keeper address
| will be enough to identify the driver , in most
| cases.


Labour minister says 14 year olds should get ID cards

,----[ Quote ]
| A government minister has spoken glowingly of the prospect of kids as young
| as six handing over their biometrics as she boasted that the Tories and
| LibDems would find it impossible to unpick the governmentâs ID card scheme.

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