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[News] GNOME Desktop Environment Has Summit at MIT

  • Subject: [News] GNOME Desktop Environment Has Summit at MIT
  • From: Roy Schestowitz <newsgroups@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Tue, 13 Oct 2009 13:21:46 +0100
  • Followup-to: comp.os.linux.advocacy
  • Newsgroups: comp.os.linux.advocacy
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Gnome Summit (@MIT)

,----[ Quote ]
| For this yearâs gnome summit I decided to 
| attend. I wanted to see what was going on and 
| keep in touch with various people in the FOSS 
| community. While Iâm not a gnome hacker 
| myself, I have made gnome apps, plugins and 
| know some of the people working on new 
| things.



Gnome 3.0 Reviews â Coming on Ubuntu 10.04, Fedora 13

,----[ Quote ]
| Gnome 3, which will be available to install
| in Ubuntu 10.04, Fedora 13 will mark the
| first radical change to the Gnome Desktop
| since itâs inception, thanks to itâs ânewâ
| interface âGnome-Shellâ.


An Introduction to GNOME 3.0

,----[ Quote ]
| The presentation focuses on three things:
|    1. What is GNOME
|    2. History of GNOME (up to and including a brief
|    overview of GNOME 2.28)
|    3. GNOME 3.0
| One thing I hope attendees take away is that GNOME
| 3.0 is more than just GNOME Shell. I believe the
| call to action in the GNOME 3.0 community that
| Vincent and the release team started back in April
| and that continued at GUADEC really motivated a
| number of teams to see what they could do to
| contribute to GNOME 3.0. In the presentation I talk
| about Accessibility, Documentation, Marketing, the
| GNOME Developer Platform, the GNOME Activity Journal
| and Zeitgeist, Tomboy Online and GNOME Shell
| (including a demo).


A Quick Look At Gnome 3âs Desktop Sidebar

,----[ Quote ]
| The sidebar is disabled by default in current builds of Gnome-
| Shell (Gnome 3âs new interface) and i think there may be a
| reason for that: Itâs borderline pointless. By the time it
| takes to shuffle your mouse over to the sidebar you could
| nudge it up to the top left and get a greater variety of
| options and files.


Gnome 3 â A Quick Visual Tour

,----[ Quote ]
| Gnome 3, which will be available to install in Ubuntu
| 10.04, will mark the first radical change to the Gnome
| Desktop since it's inception, thanks to itâs ânewâ
| interface âGnome-Shellâ.


The path to GNOME 3.0

,----[ Quote ]
| GNOME â the FOSS desktop for Linux and Unix â is currently
| at version 2.26. The next release will be 2.28, leading
| towards the next major release, version 3.0, which if
| everything goes well should be released in the spring of
| 2010. Our associates in Germany, heise open, recently had
| the opportunity to interview GNOME release manager Vincent
| Untz about the project. Untz reveals the projects future
| plans for the GNOME desktop and talks about the User
| Interface, the new window manager Mutter, the GNOME Shell,
| Zeitgeist and GNOME Mobile.


Shuttleworth about GNOME 3.0 - What's good, what's missing, what needs work

,----[ Quote ]
| Sees good possibility of having a common meta-release cycle with Debian - Not
| sure if GNOME3 will make the next LTS
| In the last few years Ubuntu has emerged as the dominant force in the Linux
| Deskop field. The distribution is heavily associated with one name: Mark
| Shuttleworth is not only founder an current boss of Canonical, the company
| behind Ubuntu, he has also been providing the financial resources without
| which Ubuntu in its current form would not exist. During the recent Gran
| Canaria Desktop Summit Andreas Proschofsky had the chance to conduct the
| following interview with Shuttleworth.


Shuttleworth hints at later Ubuntu LTS

,----[ Quote ]
| The expectation was that the next LTS version would be 10.04, due for release
| in April 2010, but in an interview with derStandard.at, Shuttleworth
| says "The LTS will be either 10.04 or 10.10 - based on a conversation that is
| going on right now betweeen Debian and Ubuntu".


Gnome sets sights on 2010 for 3.0 release

,----[ Quote ]
| With Gnome 2.26 safely out the door the Gnome development team is now
| planning for Gnome 3.0, a release it expects to make in March next year.
| Responding to growing criticism that the Gnome project lacks vision the team
| says that the 3.0 milestone release will have to have âbig user-visible
| changesâ.
| âIf you look closely at our community, itâd be wrong to say that people are
| lacking a vision; but the project as a whole does indeed have this issue,â
| the team said in its public posting. With this in mind the team is looking at
| a release that will both streamline the desktop as well as revamp the overall
| user experience by giving users new ways of interacting with their desktop
| and managing files.


GNOME plans for run up to 3.0

,----[ Quote ]
| A roadmap for the immediate future of GNOME desktop has been published on the
| GNOME Live site. The roadmap charts the planned progress of the Linux and
| Unix desktop from its recently released 2.26 version and the 2.26.1 update
| due in April, through a GNOME 2.28.0 release in September to a GNOME 2.30.0,
| which will be renumbered as 3.0.0 when released in March 2010.


Planning for GNOME 3.0

,----[ Quote ]
| During the first few months of 2008, a few Release Team members discussed
| here and there about the state of GNOME. This was nothing official, and it
| could actually have been considered as some friends talking together about
| things they deeply care about. There were thoughts that GNOME could stay with
| the 2.x branch for a very long time given our solid development methods, but
| that it was not the future that our community wants to see happening. Because
| of lack of excitement. Because of lack of vision. Slowly, a plan started to
| emerge. It evolved, changed, was trimmed a bit, made more solid. We started
| discussing with a few more people, got more feedback. And then, at GUADEC,
| the Release Team proposed an initial plan to the community that would lead
| the project to GNOME 3.0. Quite some time passed; actually, too much time
| passed because too many people were busy with other things. But it's never
| too late to do the right thing, so let's really be serious about GNOME 3.0 \
| now!

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