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[News] More Victories for Free CMS Software Expected, FOSS Company Gets $5 Investment

  • Subject: [News] More Victories for Free CMS Software Expected, FOSS Company Gets $5 Investment
  • From: Roy Schestowitz <newsgroups@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Wed, 14 Oct 2009 00:59:38 +0100
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Report: U.S. CMS Market to Explode, Open Source is the Catalyst

,----[ Quote ]
| The researchers are saying the content 
| management market is set to explode in the 
| next several years, and open source CMS 
| vendors are contributing to this growth, as 
| well as to how customers are changing their 
| CMS selection processes. Let's take a look 
| at details â some of them you may find 
| quite amusing.


GroundWork Open Source Closes $5 Million in Series D Financing
Led By Canaan Partners

,----[ Quote ]
| GroundWork Open Source, Inc. (GWOS, 
| www.gwos.com), the leader in commercial 
| open source systems and network management 
| software, today announced it has secured $5 
| million in its fourth round of venture 
| capital financing. 


How the U.S. funds open source abroad

,----[ Quote ]
| The U.S. continues to buy plenty of 
| proprietary software, but it's encouraging 
| that when it comes to international 
| development, the federal government 
| recognizes that open source pays better 
| long-term dividends than subsidies for the 
| export of proprietary software. Even more 
| encouraging, this practice appears to be 
| neither Democratic nor Republican in 
| origin.



Vote for the Best Open Source CMS

,----[ Quote ]
| Everybody likes award ceremonies,
| especially those in which regular people
| vote for the winner. Maybe this is the
| reason why the Packt Open Source CMS Award
| has managed to consolidate itself as a
| realistic and meaningful prize for the
| best open source CMSs around. After a
| month-long open nomination process, voting
| has started for the greatest open source
| CMS of 2009.


Packt Publishing Announces Nominees for 2009 CMS Awards

,----[ Quote ]
| Technology book publisher Packt Publishing announced the
| finalists this week for its 2009 Open Source CMS Awards.
| Winners and runners-up from each of the five categories will
| win from $500 - $4,000 and take home a share of prize money
| totaling $24,000. Six 8 GB iPods will also be awarded at
| random to individuals who have visited Packt's Web site to
| nominate their favorite projects.


Get out the Vote: 2009 Open Source CMS Award

,----[ Quote ]
| This award is often seen as a competition between open source CMS projects,
| however, I view the award as an opportunity to promote open source and
| content management to the masses. I also know many in the content management
| field that use these type of awards to help them decide which open source CMS
| projects should be on their radar too. While the winning open source projects
| do enjoy winning their share of the $24,000 in award money, I think the
| projects are more appreciative just knowing their users thought enough of
| their CMS to nominate them in the first place.


Fourth Annual Open Source CMS Award Launched

,----[ Quote ]
| The 2009 Open Source CMS Award was launched today, inviting people to visit
| www.PacktPub.com and submit nominations for their favorite Open Source
| Content Management Systems. Now in its fourth year, the Award has helped to
| support a variety of Content Management Systems gain recognition in a crowded
| and high quality marketplace.


Yet another reason to love Open Source Content Management

,----[ Quote ]
| Open source ECM technologies like Alfresco, Drupal, Liferay, Lucene, and many
| others, are now at or beyond their closed source equivalents. If you are a
| developer whoâs sick of the shackles closed source CMS places on you, why not
| suggest exploring open source alternatives?

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