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[News] How to Resist the Microsoft Inside Linux (Mono/Novell)

  • Subject: [News] How to Resist the Microsoft Inside Linux (Mono/Novell)
  • From: Roy Schestowitz <newsgroups@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Wed, 14 Oct 2009 01:15:43 +0100
  • Followup-to: comp.os.linux.advocacy
  • Newsgroups: comp.os.linux.advocacy
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How to Advocate for/against Mono Convincingly

,----[ Quote ]
| And a mono skeptic like me would vote, (by 
| this very blog post by the way) by saying, 
| "I, Chao-Kuei Hung, recommend my employer, 
| Chaoyang University of Technology, to use 
| software linked with gtk and qt. I am 
| willing to donate one full year's salary to 
| my Univ if my Univ ever gets threatened by 
| or has to pay for patents directly related 
| to these libraries." BtW, one can vote for 
| more than one library, as I did.
| Now, the point is not that the employer 
| would really accept the recommendation 
| because of the assurance of a non-lawyer 
| Chao-Kuei Hung. (In fact my Univ completely 
| ignores even my repeated recommendations to 
| use ODF for long term archiving 
| considerations. They wouldn't even know 
| what mono is, and they wouldn't care even 
| if I were a law professor.) And the point 
| is not that anyone would care about me 
| losing one year's salary to my employer 
| when bad things about patents happen. The 
| point is that the voter dares to bet his 
| reputation for the software libraries that 
| he considers safer in terms of legal 
| threats. Nor is it important how much each 
| voter's reputation counts. The more 
| reputation a voter has, the more he risks, 
| and the more credit/weight his vote would 
| naturally carry. In other words, not all 
| votes are equal. 



Codeplex Foundation Motivations Revealed

,----[ Quote ]
| Microsoft man Sam Ramji reveals some of the Codeplex | Foundationâs motivations.
| In responding to the devestating criticism of the
| Codeplex Foundationâs fundamentally flawed
| organization and the high skepticism of its motives,
| Mr. Ramji revealed a bit of the true motives behind
| the Codeplex Foundation:
|     Look at projects related to Mono, you also can
|     look at NUnit, NHibernate, we really feel
|     optimistic that the Foundation could help them
|     gain a higher level of credibility in the open
|     source community. They feel they have been
|     lacking that strong moral support.
| Break that down and chew on it a bit!
| Mr. Ramji is saying you know those Microsoft-
| approved âOpen Sourceâ projects like Mono? And you
| know how the Open Source community keeps rejecting
| them? Well Microsoft is going to create our own
| playing field and support them!
| [...]
| Microsoft is not new at leveraging its considerable
| resources into creating a rubber-stamp pre-approved
| situation, especially when the real and existing
| community doesnât want anything to do with
| Microsoftâs offerings â <cough> OOXML</cough> â and
| the CodePlex Foundation is just another example of
| that.
| The very idea that Microsoft can even set up an
| independent Open Source foundation is absolutely
| ludicrious. Pick any absurd analogy you like:
| Yankees fans setting up a Red Sox Appreciation
| Society, the Klan setting up a Civil Rights
| commission, Nickleback fans setting up a music
| appreciation group, whatever.

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