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[News] Why GNU/Linux is Great: Linux CLI Bonus and Free Software Programming

  • Subject: [News] Why GNU/Linux is Great: Linux CLI Bonus and Free Software Programming
  • From: Roy Schestowitz <newsgroups@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Sat, 17 Oct 2009 23:19:54 +0100
  • Followup-to: comp.os.linux.advocacy
  • Newsgroups: comp.os.linux.advocacy
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Linux Lessons: Tips and Tricks from Users

,----[ Quote ]
| Linux (and indeed Unix) has long held the philosophy 
| of "one tool for each job, and one job for each 
| tool." This can lead to quite a paradox for 
| newcomers to Linux: Why are there so many tools that 
| do similar things?
| Part of the reason for this is the open-source 
| approach. As soon as a great open-source application 
| is available, all the hackers of the world (and here 
| I use "hacker" in its more noble form) are able to 
| start "messing around" with the code. Improvements 
| to the code may appear in the original application, 
| or they may appear in a new application based on 
| that original application. Soon there may be dozens 
| (or even hundreds) of choicesâwhatever happened to 
| "one tool for each job"? Well, welcome to Linux.


Ten useful open source tools for web developers

,----[ Quote ]
| The rapidly changing nature of the Web makes it 
| necessary for web developers to constantly be on the 
| lookout for new, shiny tools. This post will 
| hopefully show you some cool tools you didnât 
| already know about.


Java: The Good Parts

,----[ Quote ]
| Java underwent a sea change in 2006 with the 
| releasing of the source code and opening of the 
| development process.  Java and the JVM should be 
| championed by Libre software developers and users 
| alike!



10 things you can do faster with the command line then with the GUI

,----[ Quote ]
| It is also much more convinient to do ALT+F2 gedit/firefox e.d. then opening
| op the menu, search for the app and then click it. Again, this is faster if
| you know the name of the binary. (In Mint you can search trough the start
| menu ^.^).
| (Note that ALT+F2 is the same as typing it in a terminal).


Command Line vs. GUI Reality Check

,----[ Quote ]
| The downside of this is a lack of flexibility. In order for a capability to
| be available, there must be code in the GUI application. The command line
| gives an administrator complete control of maintenance procedures, and under
| certain circumstances, this is the only option.
| From a design perspective, the choice of command line vs. GUI seems pretty
| straightforward. First, how quickly does the code need to be produced?
| Second, which interface makes the user most productive? While there is plenty
| of room for different points of view on the answers to these questions, it is
| simply not true that one is always better than the other.


Two Reasons the Command Line Trumps the Graphical User Interface

,----[ Quote ]
| Before I get into this I will state for the record I am not a text mode
| Luddite. I use a graphical user interface (GUI) every day. In fact I am using
| the fluxbox window manager GUI as I write this article with a WordPress GUI
| and Firefox GUI. I like my GUI chewy goodness as much as any visually
| stimulated human. However, for certain tasks a GUI is just not the best
| choice.


Is Linux Easy to Use?

,----[ Quote ]
| Todayâs Linux distributions such as Ubuntu, Suse and Fedora can be installed
| very easily. In Ubuntu the user required actions are just 4-5 clicks. The
| installer is clever enough to partition the hard disc without loss of data
| and co-living with other operating systems installed prior. I love this
| feature a lot.


What is so bad about the command line?

,----[ Quote ]
| Graphical interfaces serve a purpose and so does the command line. It doesn't
| matter which operating system you use. So I will not accept any arguments
| that the command line is bad. The command line is good in my humble opinion
| and those who shy away from it are missing out on a large piece of the
| computing experience.


The Linux CLI for Beginners, or, Fear Not the Linux Command Line!

,----[ Quote ]
| Most recent converts to Linux spend most of their time in the GUI -- the
| graphical desktop (whether Gnome, or KDE, or XFCE, or some other interface)
| that's made to look and act somewhat like Windows and Mac.  


The command line is nothing to be afraid of.

,----[ Quote ]
| Many people are apprehensive about the command line when they first try
| Linux. I was too, even though I started off with the command line on my
| system 80, I quickly became used to the windows GUI. Like an unused muscle
| atrophies when not used, so did my command line comfort. Using Linux I
| regained my command line warrior status and it has migrated over to windows
| too.


Webmin: can a graphical front end for system administration replace the command

,----[ Quote ]
| We all love GUIs. For the average user of proprietary systems like Windows
| they are mostly all they ever need or see. Unix systems are rather different.
| Long before GUIs became ubiquitous, system administrators (and single machine
| users too) were weaned on configuration on the command line and spent copious
| amounts of time mastering their craft.
| The increasing use and popularity of GNU/Linux has been educating people
| about its superior architecture, better security and relatively simple
| configuration files. It is also true though that the huge availability of
| graphical front ends has brought in a whole new slew of users who feel right
| at home with them as they did in Windows. However, the usual criticism is
| that, good and relatively easy to use as they are, they can never emulate the
| fine, granular control of the command line. There is a deal of truth in that.


5 Reasons to Use CLI Over GUI

,----[ Quote ]
| First, I must say that using CLI is not always faster, not necessarily. There
| are tasks which can be done faster and easier using some GUI application
| rather than typing a whole bunch of commands. But, nevertheless, command line
| is still very powerful and it's more appropriate to use it for certain tasks.
| I for one use probably 90% GUI tools and applications and only in 10% of the
| cases CLI. So, you may ask, what's the scope of this? Well, in the first
| place, this article is about the reasons I believe to be noteworthy for using
| CLI in several situations, and what advantages it has.



10 Reasons Why the Command Line is More User-Friendly than the Desktop

,----[ Quote ]
| Keying is faster than mousing.
| It's easier to both give and get help.
| Repetitive stress injury comes from the mouse, not the keyboard.
| Commands are standard where GUIs are not.
| [...]


Linux on the line: musings on the CLI / GUI flip-flop

,----[ Quote ]
| People are a funny lot. One personâs trash is another personâs treasure. And
| one personâs primary means of instructing a computer is met with disdain by
| another. Thereâs a perennial battle between mousers and keyboard jockeys,
| and âwhatâs inâ appears to go in cycles.  


Geek to Live: The command line comeback

,----[ Quote ]
| The advent of the Graphical User Interface (GUI) forever
| revolutionized personal computing. A windowed system with point
| and click icons made computers usable for anyone who couldn't deal
| with a black screen and a prompt waiting for arcane textual commands.
| But in recent years, this enormous interface change is coming full
| circle. Amongst power users - and more and more, regular Joe's - the
| command line is making a comeback in modern web and desktop
| applications.

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