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[News] CentOS: Best Server and Also Free of Charge

  • Subject: [News] CentOS: Best Server and Also Free of Charge
  • From: Roy Schestowitz <newsgroups@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Sat, 17 Oct 2009 23:47:41 +0100
  • Followup-to: comp.os.linux.advocacy
  • Newsgroups: comp.os.linux.advocacy
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Oracle and Novell Linux: Caught between a Red Hat and a CentOS

,----[ Quote ]
| Novell has been positioning itself as the Avis of 
| Linux, a distant but gaining Red Hat competitor that 
| "tries harder." Like Oracle, Novell argues that it can 
| give customers Red Hat value at a lower price.
| There's just one problem with this marketing spin: the 
| "low-cost alternative" to Red Hat isn't Novell. It's 
| CentOS. And CentOS is free as in $0.00.
| It's true that adoption of unpaid Linux like CentOS is 
| booming, and that this no-cost alternative to more 
| expensive solutions like Red Hat is a real threat to 
| Red Hat. This is no doubt why Red Hat has made "free-
| to-paid" a core element of its ongoing strategy, as 
| related in its recent earnings call.



CentOS 4.8 released

,----[ Quote ]
| The CentOS development team have announced the release of CentOS 4.8, a free
| Linux distribution based on the source of version 4.8 of Red Hat Enterprise
| Linux (RHEL). The CentOS 4.8 legacy branch release is the eighth update to
| the CentOS 4 series and features several big fixes, updates and new
| functionality.


CentOS 5.3 - Serious Linux for serious people

,----[ Quote ]
| That's it. The longest review ever is coming to an end. My Print Preview
| option in Firefox shows it's 48 pages long should I decide to commit it to
| paper, one and a half times longer any other review I've written so far. But
| I think it's worth it.
| We have learned a fearful lot of stuff here. First and the most important
| one, CentOS can be used as a desktop. A solid, stable desktop that will see
| you through almost a decade of support.
| You will be able to have almost everything you need. Following a crash course
| in CentOS tweaking and taming, we learned the difference in behavior and
| setup of 32-bit versus 64-bit hosts, we learned how to compile, how to solve
| problems with kernel versions, overcome screen resolution issues, configure
| proxy support and get updates, configure Samba sharing, install multimedia
| codecs, and get our CentOS to look pretty.


CentOS 4.8 finally there ?

,----[ Quote ]
| So it looks like we are going to have CentOS 4.8 before RHEL 5.4 after all. I
| blogged about the big 4.8 release delays a week ago and we can expect CentOS
| 4.8 on Friday if all goes well. Maybe the weekend ?


CentOS users remain faithful despite developer shakeup

,----[ Quote ]
| Plankers concurred. "The good thing is that because CentOS is just a
| re-labeled Red Hat Enterprise Linux it's pretty easy to move to Red Hat's
| offerings if CentOS goes under. I don't think there's any need to worry now,
| though."


CentOS Pulse #0904 - 16 August 2009

,----[ Quote ]
|    1. Foreword
|    2. Announcements
|          1. Kernel NULL pointer vulnerability
|    3. RPM packaging best practices
|    4. Tip Of The Newsletter
|    5. Interview
|    6. Jokes and Funny Stuff
|          1. And what do you do?
|          2. CentOS at LinuxTag from the view of a Debian devloper
|    7. CentOS Errata
|          1. CentOS 3
|          2. CentOS 4
|          3. CentOS 5
|    8. CentOS in the Spotlight
|    9. Upcoming Events
|   10. Contributing to this newsletter


CentOS head reappears, project back on track

,----[ Quote ]
| The leader of the CentOS GNU/Linux project, Lance Davis, who had gone missing
| for a while and caused other developers on the team some angst, has
| reappeared and held a meeting with them, according to a notice on the project
| website.


CentOS 5.3 released

,----[ Quote ]
| The CentOS developers have released version 5.3 for i386 and x86-64
| architectures. CentOS 5.3 is a free Linux distribution based on the source of
| Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5.3 (RHEL). The 5.3 release includes several changes
| over version 5.2 including both new and updated packages based on RHEL 5.3
| and custom changes by the CentOS developers.


CentOS 5.3 Is Here, Based on RHEL 5.3

,----[ Quote ]
| The CentOS development team, through Karanbir Singh, announced last evening
| (March 31st) the immediate release of the CentOS 5.3 Linux distribution. Just
| like Scientific Linux 5.3, the third maintenance release of CentOS 5 is based
| on the Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5.3 operating system.
| Whatâs new in CentOS 5.3? Well, first of all the software repositories were
| combined into a single one, which will make it easier for the end-user to
| update or install packages. Moreover, a new option has been added in the
| installer, to allow them to add third-party software repositories.


CentOS 5.2: Send in the Clones

,----[ Quote ]
| If I were in the mood to use an RPM-based distribution, CentOS would be my
| first and probably only choice. It's not as pretty as openSuSE or even its
| cousin Fedora, but it's more stable than both on my setup. Stability wins out
| over eye-candy any day.
| CentOS is one of the few distributions that (perhaps due to its emphasis on
| small, incremental changes) manages to pull consistently high marks even from
| me. This release is no exception.


CentOS 5.2 released

,----[ Quote ]
| After the usual few weeks delay following the release of Red Hat Enterprise
| 5.2, the CentOS project has released its Red Hat clone â CentOS version 5.2.


Centos 5.1 Review

,----[ Quote ]
| CentOS stands for Community ENTerprise Operating System. As a group, CentOS
| is a community of open source contributors and users. Typical CentOS users
| are organizations and individuals that do not need strong commercial support
| in order to achieve successful operation. CentOS is 100% compatible rebuild
| of the Red Hat Enterprise Linux, in full compliance with Red Hat's
| redistribution requirements. CentOS is for people who need an enterprise
| class operating system stability without the cost of certification and
| support. CentOS is currently ranked #12 at distrowatch


CentOS 5 as a Desktop System

,----[ Quote ]
| CentOS 5 is a stable system which can be user either as a server OS or
| as a desktop system for a normal user. The latter requires a few
| modifications in the default installation (like the performance
| fixes mentioned in the article), but after the tweaking is done,
| it works great and is worth recommending.


Dollars and CentOS 4.5: Updating Up2date

,----[ Quote ]
| I continue to be impressed with the way CentOS/Red Hat is laid out. There are
| tons of management tools, and mousing over just about anything on the screen
| causes small "help" boxes to open up. Nice touch.


Is CentOS 5.0 Worth Every Penny?

,----[ Quote ]
| CentOS is a Linux distribution based on the ever reliable Red Hat Enterprise
| Linux (RHEL). The name stands for Community ENTerprise Operating System and
| is not related to a coin.


Dollars and CentOS 4.5: Updating Up2date

,----[ Quote ]
| I continue to be impressed with the way CentOS/Red Hat is laid out. There are
| tons of management tools, and mousing over just about anything on the screen
| causes small "help" boxes to open up. Nice touch.


Review: CentOS 5

,----[ Quote ]
| CentOS 5.0 gets high marks from me for a lot of what they do, but looses a
| few points for some of the things they either forgot to do, or chose not to
| do. For business use, itâs a well rounded Linux distribution thatâs ready for
| the desktop for certain. But for the portable user and the home user, I feel
| that it needs to grow a bit more before it will find its way onto my
| shortlist of recommended Linux distributions. With what Iâve seen, Iâd really
| love for it to reach that level at some point, but for now itâs not. But I
| must say, the developers have done well and I look forward to future versions
| and all the great new things that they will be bringing about in the years to
| come!


A First Look At CentOS 5

,----[ Quote ]
| After what has become a few weeks with it, I believe CentOS 5 is a
| worthy successor to previous versions.  If you're in the market for
| an easy to use Linux operating system, you will find me suggesting it.


CentOS The Red Hat Clone

,----[ Quote ]
| The release of the free, community-based CentOS 5 Enterprise Linux so
| soon after the RHEL 5 release is hardly a surprise; the same thing
| happened with RHEL 4 two years ago. Nor does Red Hat consider CentOS
| a competitor, but rather a distribution that fills a need. The
| company also said CentOS will help it grow its business.

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