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[News] Samba's Allison Truly Wakes People up Regarding the Mono Trap

  • Subject: [News] Samba's Allison Truly Wakes People up Regarding the Mono Trap
  • From: Roy Schestowitz <newsgroups@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Sat, 17 Oct 2009 23:48:53 +0100
  • Followup-to: comp.os.linux.advocacy
  • Newsgroups: comp.os.linux.advocacy
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Mono and Samba: smell the difference, says Allison

,----[ Quote ]
| It may be recalled that Allison quit Novell in disgust 
| soon after the company signed a patent indemnification 
| deal with Microsoft in November 2006.
| [...]
| "Miguel's employer, Novell, has a patent agreement 
| with Microsoft that exempts Mono users from Microsoft 
| patent aggression, so long as you get Mono from 
| Novell. Miguel takes pains to point this out," Allison 
| wrote.
| As far as Mono goes, De Icaza has implemented parts of 
| it which are not covered by the specifications 
| submitted to the standards body ECMA by Microsoft; the 
| parts submitted are said to be available on royalty-
| free terms and without fear of patent violations.



Consequences (If You Wait Long Enough)

,----[ Quote ]
| Monomania
| Jeremy Allison argues that Mono is dangerous
| to free software distributions and should be
| relegated to the "restricted" repositories
| along with other software with unsafe
| licensing and/or patent contexts. He makes
| rational arguments, avoids emotion and thus
| when he is inevitably dismissed with a hand-
| wave by the Monomaniacs like the rest of us it
| will be especially telling.


Mono a mano - Many of us are wrestling with this, I suspect

,----[ Quote ]
| Allison's contention is that while he can
| understand original Mono creator Miguel de
| Icaza's reasons for wanting to code GUI apps
| in C# rather than C or C++, Allison would
| rather that the open-source community turned
| to Java instead in its quest to build out the
| graphical environment. There is some talk
| about, at the time Mono was started, Java not
| being available under a free license, but
| Allison contends that it has more to do with
| potential or real rivalries among developers
| wishing to use Java or Mono/C++, as well as
| control over their respective projects.
| [...]
| On the other hand, seeing Mono as the "Miguel
| de Icaza-who-works-for-Novell Show," keeping
| in mind that I know little about him and have
| never met him, doesn't give me a good feeling
| about how GNOME is tipping every more closely
| into becoming a Mono-powered world.



,----[ Quote ]
| But the problem is that Mono is dangerous for
| Free Software. The heart of the matter is, as
| usual, software patents. Microsoft have patents
| on the technology inside .NET, and since the
| Tom Tom lawsuit, Microsoft have shown they are
| not averse to attacking Free Software using
| patent infringement claims. Microsoft have
| tried to allay some fears by putting the .NET
| specification under their "Microsoft Community
| Promise" which you can read here:
| http://www.microsoft.com/interop/cp/default.mspx
| Miguel hailed this a the solution to all the
| patent problems with Mono. But this promise is
| simply not good enough to base a language
| environment implementation upon. After all, if
| the rug is pulled out from under that
| implementation by the threat of patent
| infringement you don't just lose the
| implementation itself, you lose all the
| programs that depend upon it. That's a really
| dangerous situation for Free Software programs
| to be in. The Free Software Foundation wrote a
| good analysis of the problems with this promise
| here:
| http://www.fsf.org/news/2009-07-mscp-mono
| But my basic issue with the Microsoft Community
| Promise is that Miguel doesn't have to depend
| on it like everyone else does. Miguel's
| employer, Novell, has a patent agreement with
| Microsoft that exempts Mono users from
| Microsoft patent aggression, so long as you get
| Mono from Novell.
| [...]
| Microsoft isn't playing games any more by
| merely threatening to assert patents. Real
| lawsuits have now occurred and the gloves are
| off against Free Software. Moving Mono and its
| applications to the "restricted" repositories
| is now just plain common sense.


Mono is a trap â evidence

,----[ Quote ]
| Still arenât convinced that Mono is a trap
| which ultimately only benefits Microsoft?
| Take a look at this âHighly Confidentialâ
| document from Microsoft (from Comes vs
| Microsoft case) entitled âEffective Evangelismâ
| and decide for yourself. It exposes Microsoftâs
| game plan for dominating the market with their
| platforms (which we already know, but some
| choose to ignore).

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