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Re: Linux, led by Android, tipped to dominate smartphones

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____/ Terry Porter on Sunday 18 Oct 2009 02:53 : \____

> The trolls: "no one wants Linux"
> The reality: Linux, led by Android, tipped to dominate smartphones
> The conclusion: Trolls are clueless.
> begin{quote}
> by Stuart Corner
> Thursday, 15 October 2009
> Market research firm Telecom Trends International is forecasting that
> Linux based smartphones will account for 60 percent of the smartphone
> market in seven years with Android becoming the dominant mobile OS at 25
> percent market share.
> Operating systems embracing the Linux platform include Android, Symbian,
> WebOS and LiMo, according to Telecom Trends, and this multiplicity of
> platforms is bringing down costs and enhancing the features that Linux
> phones offer, it says.
> According to Naqi Jaffery, author of Telecom Trends' report 'Smartphone
> Smarts and the Linux Starts', "With several operating systems converging
> on the Linux platform, it will muster the critical mass needed to
> succeed. Among Linux-based operating systems, Android will witness the
> most rapid growth. By 2016, Google will have captured over 25 percent of
> the smartphone market, putting it well ahead of competition."
> Jaffery said that despite a slow start, Android is already making waves
> in the marketplace. "It is generating groundswell of support from
> manufacturers and developers that will give its growth the necessary
> boost."
> With Linux becoming the mainstream platform, the report sees the major
> non-Linux platforms â Windows Mobile, BlackBerry, and iPhone â focusing
> on particular niches. "Each of these platforms comes with significant
> strengths, but they have reached their peak in terms of growth. It is
> unlikely that these platforms will be able to stem Linux's unrelenting
> push."
> Telecom Trends forecasts annual global smartphone sales to exceed one
> billion in 2016, up from 200 million in 2009.
> In August another research firm, Canalys said that Microsoft's share of
> the smartphone market was less than 10 percent and falling. It put
> Android at only three percent, driven mainly through HTC, but added that
> "With many other vendors, including Samsung, joining the fray, volumes
> are expected to increase substantially. The free licence model, tight
> integration with Google applications and the potential for a high degree
> of vendor and operator customisation are all benefits attracting industry
> participants."
> end{quote}
> http://www.itwire.com/content/view/28538/127/

A Linux-hostile firm, the G-rtner Group, made similar predictions about a week ago. :-)

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