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[News] Free Software Seen as Way Forward

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Open Source Software -- A Way Forward

,----[ Quote ]
| What is Open Source Software, and how can it 
| benefit you? Open Source Software is free 
| software that allows you to use it, modify it, or 
| as "Nixie Pixie" says, "can do almost anything" 
| that the more expensive software options offer. 
| In today's economy, Open Source software can 
| allow a family to save money and still have the 
| latest computer software for their computer.


Unicon Announces Fall Webinar Series on Open Source

,----[ Quote ]
| Unicon, Inc., a leading provider of software 
| consulting services and open source solutions for 
| the education market, today announced its fall 
| webinar series of presentations about open source 
| applications in higher education. The 
| presentations will focus on open source portals, 
| learning management systems, identity management, 
| and other open source applications, platforms, 
| and technologies. CIOs, administrators, and IT 
| personnel from higher educational institutions 
| are invited to attend at no charge. Seating is 
| limited. Information about these webinars is 
| listed below.



Is Linux the New Threat?

,----[ Quote ]
| Thus I am now starting to wonder if at the end of
| this recession it will be Linux that will become a
| dominate operating system? I am thinking that Linux
| in conjunction with Google are going to be the next
| juggernaut. I know Nokia with its N900 has completely
| jumped on the bandwagon with Linux.
| Does this mean I will buy Redhat at these lofty
| levels? No. But it does mean I am kicking myself for
| not paying more attention to Redhat.


Red Hat second-quarter profit increases 37%

,----[ Quote ]
| Analysts polled by Thomson Reuters had expected Red Hat
| to post second-quarter earnings of 15 cents a share,
| and $179.1 million in revenue.

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