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Re: [News] More Dell Support of Ubuntu GNU/Linux, More Good News

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____/ 7 on Sunday 18 Oct 2009 10:49 : \____

> Roy Schestowitz wrote:
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>> Ubuntu 9.04 Now Available on Dell Computers
>> ,----[ Quote ]
>> | Until now, Dell has been shipping Ubuntu 8.04
>> | (Hardy Heron) with its Linux computers and,
>> | frankly, this operating system is more than a
>> | year and a half old. Well, thanks to the Dell
>> | fanboys and girls who submitted requests to the
>> | IdeaStorm project, the computer manufacturer
>> | decided to honor its customers' requests and
>> | now you can get your Dell computer with a
>> | custom version of Ubuntu 9.04 (Jaunty
>> | Jackalope).
>> `----
>> http://news.softpedia.com/news/Ubuntu-9-10-Now-Available-on-Dell-
> Computers-124356.shtml
> They should ship it with compiz and 3D translucent desktop enabled
> and with virtualbox also installed.
> Every management I tried will ONLY use compiz after first bite
> That first bite taking only about 30 seconds to get full hold.
> No one in computing history has ever been bitten
> as fast as compiz and 3D translucent does.
> If management in any PC vendor company believe it not true,
> then prove it with your own studies!!

It turns out that they refund Windows tax at Dell now. It was in The Register today.

Dell shouldn't wait any longer. It should just invest in implementing Linux
/properly/ on desktops and laptops, then advertise. It would sell well!

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Yes, but they forgot to put in the essential checkbox:
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