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Re: Gary Stewart's (aka Moshe/Flatfish) House...

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____/ Don Zeigler on Wednesday 21 Oct 2009 03:57 : \____

> Moshe Goldfarb wrote:
>> Nope....
>> Roy isn't telling the entire story, but what else is new.
>> There were 4 different ip addresses used and one of them was a
>> honeypot specifically set up for Roy. That's the one he posted.
>> He ignored the others.
>> It lit up like a Xmas tree after he banned us from his chat
>> channel.
>> At that point it was a simple matter of matching the attacking
>> ip addresses with the logins on his chat channel and it was
>> quite interesting.
>> Most of the gang was knocking on the door, but oddly enough Roy
>> wasn't one them.
>> He took the bait just like he fell for the "Gary can't fit
>> through elevator doors bit".
>> I actually lost $100.00 on it because I didn't think he could
>> fall for another setup so soon after his last one.
>> He did.
>> The guy is a total goof.
>> Last week he had me posting from some hotel chain.
>> The week before that it was some cable company in Co.
>> He needs to loosen his tinfoil hat a wee bit.
>> It was an interesting experiment in that once again it revealed
>> what Roy is really up to and how his so called "journalism" is
>> nothing but a poor hack from a person who will believe anything,
>> from any source, without verifying the facts as long as it fits
>> his agenda.
> What a nice, convoluted tale. If it's true, you and your cohorts in this
> little caper need to get a life. But more than likely, it's all B.S. and
> you've been outed, and are now trying frantically to cover your tracks.

Indeed. People know where to send subpoenas now.

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