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Re: [News] Newspapers Cartel Revs up Attack on Internet

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____/ wispygalaxy on Monday 19 Oct 2009 16:13 : \____

> Roy Schestowitz wrote:
>> ____/ wispygalaxy on Tuesday 13 Oct 2009 20:02 : \____
>>> The only time I read newspapers is when I'm staying at a hotel and there
>>> are
>>> copies for people to read at breakfast.  I mainly get my news from
>>> online. I used to get it from TV a lot, but I now realize that TV
>>> coverage does not
>>> go in as deep as online coverage.  Also, I can find news that is more
>>> interesting to me online.
>> There's also search and linkage.
> It really helps when news online is connected to each other.  It keeps
> people interested in your site because there are related links.  They won't
> wander off when they are done reading a news article.  They will click on a
> related link for more.

More news sites should includes references really. They have a habit of omitting them.

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>> Cf. those boxes of serial that are only half full.
>Special offer on breakfast serial today! Buy seven, get one free!
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