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[News] GNOME 2.29.1 is Released

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GNOME 2.29.1 released

,----[ Quote ]
| We're only a few days after 2.28.1, and 
| 2.29.1 is already there! We have some brave 
| people who did some amazing work for this 
| release, with new features in various 
| modules. And of course, the numerous bug 
| fixes that we're all used to. It's really 
| exciting to already be able to play with 
| some nifty new features: it announces some 
| great fun during the next few months. Of 
| course, some tarballs are still in the 2.28 
| era, but that's mostly because the tarballs 
| due mail was late (you can blame your 
| favorite release team member for this -- 
| hopefully, I'm not your favorite one ;-)).


Gnome Color Manager is born

,----[ Quote ]
| Richard Hughes is next in line to become 
| another hero of Open Source Software for 
| photography. After giving it some thoughts, 
| he implemented a first draft of a Gnome 
| Color Manager.


Measuring performance of GTK theme

,----[ Quote ]
| Does GTK theme make any noticeable change in 
| performance? Yes. as I have mentioned in 
| previous post - Top 10 Gnome Performance 
| Tweaks, Here is a way to figure out how much 
| does it matter.  If you are interested in 
| creating GTK themes you should know how to 
| check performance of theme..



Reviewed: Gnome 2.28

,----[ Quote ]
| The Gnome project's latest release, comes just
| in time to be bolted on to Karmic Koala. But
| with KDE making big strides forward with each
| point release of KDE 4, are the Gnome team
| doing enough to keep up? Only just... read on
| to find out more!


GNOME 2.28.1 released !

,----[ Quote ]
| This is the first update to GNOME 2.28. It
| contains the usual mixture of bug fixes,
| translations updates and documentation
| improvements that are the hallmark of stable
| GNOME releases, thanks to our wonderful team
| of GNOME contributors!

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