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Re: [News] CBS Airs MAFIAA Propaganda, Contrary to Truth

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____/ JeffM on Wednesday 04 Nov 2009 19:05 : \____

> Roy Schestowitz wrote:
>>|it basically mimics that old episode
>>|that history has shown to have been totally (laughably) false.
> Now HE is showing HIS lack of objectivity.
> While true that the *IBM Selectric* part of the story
> was obviously ginned up then not properly fact-checked,
> the Deserter-in-Chief story had/has legs.
> People in the squadrons
> in which Dubya was supposed to have served
> have repeatedly said that he didn't show up for duty.
> ...but, yeah,
> corporate media hasn't served my needs for a long time.
> The stories that I want covered, they don't cover
> or they distort those to serve their own agendas:
> "intellectual property", media consolidation, network neutrality,
> Windoze-specific infections labeled as "computer viruses", ...
> I've found online news aggregators that serve my needs better
> with more useful editors filtering out the spin
> and finding sources that DO report the orphaned stories.

In that program they apparently say that corn farmers are hurt by those "pirates"...

		[because of popcorn!!!]

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