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Re: Is the end of the Windows World nigh?

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____/ Terry Porter on Friday 06 Nov 2009 22:17 : \____

> On Fri, 06 Nov 2009 14:09:45 -0800, nessuno wrote:
>> On Nov 6, 6:00 am, Richard Rasker <spamt...@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>>> Considering that the four WinTrolls of the Apocalypse are on an
>>> unprecedented anti-Linux rampage, exceeding even Roy Schestowitz'
>>> (admittedly rather prolific) number of posts, something sure as hell
>>> must be afoot.
>>> I'm still pondering whether the current situation can be explained by
>>> the recent Burger King, McDonalds and Microsoft layoffs of burger
>>> flippers, grease scrapers, and urinal cleaners -- a development which,
>>> if continued, would actually mean the end of the world as we know it.
>>> Richard Rasker
>>> --http://www.linetec.nl
>> Congratulations, Richard!  You have set off the most amazing chain of
>> trolls feeding other trolls that I have ever seen!  Also made me laugh
>> out loud!  I agree with you, I've never seen so much troll activity.
>> Microsoft must be paying them overtime.  About a year ago I did a count
>> of posts by flatfish (I forget what nym he was using mostly at the time,
>> but I only counted one of them) I think it was April of 2008, and he had
>> more posts than Roy.  This month I'm sure that if you added him to Zeke,
>> Hadron and DFS, you'd have 90% of the traffic on cola.  Sort of like the
>> spam on the internet.
> Poor old Microsoft, just their luck that Ubuntu 9.10 would come out at
> the same time as vista7.

Quite important: 
The much misunderstood Ubuntu 9.10 upgrade poll


I upgraded to 9.10 a while ago. Flawlessly. So I saw little need to go tell a 
forum. This is where people go when they have problems. Gavin and Serdar were 
shocked to find people with support issues on a support forum. I have no doubt 
the help line at Microsoft has taken a lot of calls recently, but I would not 
extrapolate from that a large percentage of Windows users are having upgrade 

Tellingly and almost the last word on this are the polls from our previous 
releases, none of which were considered or reported as upgrade disasters:

Jaunty Poll

Intrepid Poll `

Hardy Poll

Gutsy Poll

A very useful summary of these findings by Nicholas Ipsen is here. I am linking 
to these polls not because I want to provide evidence that the Karmic upgrade 
experience is or was good or bad, there are other more qualified to comment on 
that, but that there is nothing new here.


The slurs started coming from known Microsoft boosters like Gavin Clarke.
It's almost as though Microsoft is working its Vista 7 propaganda machine
in reverse -- against the company which only in its last SEC filing it named
as "a risk".

The attacks from Microsoft Munchkins (in COLA, mostly against Ubuntu 9.10) I 
view as a good sign; the trolls are nervous, Microsoft is sacking employees, and 
I am shy to post as much as I do to COLA, but there is just SO much good news 
for FOSS and Linux (only about 5% of my posts are about Windows and Microsoft). 
I try hard to group the news items so as to contain all the success stories
without excessive clutter.

The more angry the trolls get about it (and pretending that there is dissent, 
using sockpuppets), the more effective these posts must be.

My posts are on topic and simple to filter for those who are not interested in 

- -- 
		~~ Best of wishes

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