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Re: Windows 7 Still Vulnerable to Viruses â Durr, Really?

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____/ nessuno on Friday 06 Nov 2009 09:42 : \____

> <Quote>
> Windows 7 is a valuable upgrade delivering an awesome new user
> interface, but donât expect any major improvements in security.
> Anti-virus software vendor Sophos tested Windows 7âs built-in anti-
> virus capabilities by feeding a clean system 10 pieces of the newest
> malware. Eight out of the 10 samples ran successfully, claims Sophos.
> âUnfortunately, despite Microsoftâs claims, Windows 7 disappointed
> just like earlier versions of Windows,â says Chester Wisniewski, a
> senior security advisor at Sophos, in a blog post. âThe good news is
> that, of the freshest 10 samples that arrived, 2 would not operate
> correctly under Windows 7.â
> Sophosâ findings arenât surprising: Windows 7 promises backward
> compatibility with most software that works on older operating
> systems, such as Windows XP. It would be reasonable to infer most
> malware compatible with Windows XP or Windows Vista is likely going to
> harm Windows 7.
> Also, prior to the release of Windows 7, Microsoft did not promise
> that the OS would be safer against viruses....
> In fact, Microsoft has steadfastly insisted that Windows 7 users
> continue to run anti-virus software and regular system updates to stay
> safe.
> All you should gain from the Sophos report is reaffirmation of
> something you already knew: So long as youâre running Windows, you
> need anti-virus software. So keep running it.
> </Quote>
> http://www.wired.com/gadgetlab/2009/11/windows7
> Of course the only reason Windows attracts 500,000 (or is it 2
> million?) worms and viruses is because it's such a big target.
> Unprovable, but convenient argument for Microsoft.  In the meantime,
> you won't need anti-virus software for Linux.  Glad to see Windows
> maintaining backward compatibility, though...that way your local
> spambot will continue to function normally...

Well, it keeps AV vendors on Microsoft's side; Broken Windows theory...

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