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Re: everything was perfect

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____/ William Poaster on Friday 06 Nov 2009 11:57 : \____

> Above the wailing & moaning of the trolls, Roy Schestowitz was heard to
> say:
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>> ____/ nessuno on Thursday 05 Nov 2009 09:56 : \____
>>> <Quote>
>>> Awhile back, I setup my elderly neighbor with everything she need to:
>>> access the Internet, check her email, work on her art, work with
>>> documents, and so much more. I haven't heard anything from her on the
>>> subject of computers since. I wrote a blog entry about setting up her
>>> 56k modem on the computer before I issued it to her, see here:
>>> http://www.humans-enabled.com/2009/04/my-example-of-pci-56k-dial-up-modem.html
>>> I was so surprised about the maintenance-free setup of Linux that I
>>> even went as far to bring up the subject of the computer to my
>>> neighbor to see if it was even still working. She responded that
>>> everything worked fine and that even though the dial-up takes a little
>>> while to get some pictures in her email, that it was well worth it for
>>> the price of FREE (free dialup in Seattle). I asked her if anything
>>> needed to be "fixed" and she said no, and that everything was perfect.
>>> I've also setup another neighbor, and her one thing was that she
>>> wanted to use a genealogy program called PAF on her newly minted Linux
>>> machine(it was a machine that had Vista, which she couldn't stand, and
>>> so she had me set her up with Linux).. PAF is a windows program, and
>>> so not thinking about wine at the moment, I recommended to her the
>>> G.R.A.M.P.S. (F/OSS) genealogy program. She said it wouldn't import
>>> the PAF files. So then I went to appdb.winehq.org and found out that
>>> PAF runs just fine on Linux in Wine... Then I installed it, and so
>>> there it is - another success story for Linux.
>>> And here's another one.. I sent a "legacy" machine with Linux to a
>>> friend in NJ so she could have a computer (cuz she had none). And at
>>> first we had some issues with getting the Verizon DSL setup because it
>>> was only supposed to "support" Windows/Mac, but then we broke through
>>> and she's been loving Linux ever since. See the related blog posting
>>> about it here:
>>> http://www.humans-enabled.com/2007/06/verizon-dsl-doesnt-support-linux.html
>>> Linux is the way to go.. I can't explain this enough with... it would
>>> take pages and pages.
>>> Anyone who has something bad to say about Linux - contact me, go on a
>>> forum, contact anyone who can truly help you get started. Because
>>> unless you are financially or otherwise biased towards using a
>>> proprietary OS, you absolutely will have something to gain and learn
>>> from GNU/Linux.
>>> </Quote>
>>> http://blogs.computerworld.com/15040/linux_for_grandma_grandpa
>> nessuno,
>> The rants from trolls are good. They mean that Ubuntu 9.10 is hurting
>> Microsoft, which only in its latest SEC filing mentioned Canonical as a
>> threat.
> I've no doubt that *some* *genuine* Linux users have problems, but the
> more the trolls protest, make up things & scream about it, the more
> Linux must be hurting them! To paraphrase The Bard:
> They are tales told by idiots, full of sound and fury, signifying.....
> nothing.

Every release of every OS has some errors. Vista 7 also had many such reports, but
I hardly bother posting anything from help forums; that's the pathetic thing
Microsoft's Munchkins are doing.

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