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Re: Microsoft makes new round of job cuts

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____/ Terry Porter on Thursday 05 Nov 2009 10:42 : \____

> On Thu, 05 Nov 2009 04:28:29 -0600, philo wrote:
>> Terry Porter wrote:
>>> Want a secure job?
>>> Hone those Linux skills, because Linux vendors are doing *very* well
>>> but Microsoft has had it's day in the sun, and that day is past.
>>> Fortunately for the world, Linutherapy has been successful, the
>>> Microsoftumour is shrinking and the patient is in remission
>>> I doubt the Ausie govt, who just paid Microsoft 500 MILLION dollars for
>>> Windows on netbooks in Australia (NSW) will be impressed with all those
>>> ex Microsoft employees lining up at the dole queue.
>>> begin{quote}
>>> By Shaun Nichols
>>> Nov 5, 2009 3:24 PM
>>> Australians among 800 more workers dropped in layoff campaign.
>>> Microsoft has eliminated some 800 positions in what the company hopes
>>> will be the last in its recent series of job cuts.
>>> The company confirmed on Wednesday that it would be issuing the layoffs
>>> as part of the move to shed some 5,000 jobs in an effort to cut its
>>> operating costs. The layoffs were originally slated to run until mid
>>> 2010, but Microsoft said that the cuts have been completed ahead of
>>> schedule.
>>> ...
>>> end{quote}
>>> http://www.itnews.com.au/News/159849%2Cmicrosoft-makes-new-round-of-
> job-
>>> cuts.aspx
>> So "nice" to see that with everything always running so far behind
>> schedule...that when it comes to layoffs, they are ahead of schedule.
>> (aargh)
> I'm sure the ex Microsofties also appreciate the efficiency with with
> they were laid off.
> I wonder why Micosoft needed to advance the layoff schedule, Vista7 sales
> worse than predicted perhaps ?

This is not the last of the rounds of layoffs.


Ballmer half heartedly talks up Windows 7 

"SHY AND RETIRING Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer seems to be having 
trouble finding something nice to say about Windows 7's launch."


"When hacks at ComputerWorld asked Ballmer how Windows 7 was doing, he 
said "er... its fantastic... er in Japan."

""It is helping to spur PC sales... um... in Japan. We've had a great 
response... in Japan. The first ten days were bigger than the first ten 
days of XP or Vista or any other Windows launch that we have done... in Japan.""



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