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Re: Ubuntu 9.10 is causing outrage and frustration

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____/ Terry Porter on Saturday 07 Nov 2009 09:16 : \____

> On Sat, 07 Nov 2009 09:37:34 +0100, Erik Jan wrote:
>> Terry Porter had de volgende lumineuze gedachte op 07-11-09 06:31:
>>> An /Ubuntu upgrade/ is slightly harder than incredibly easy.
>>> That's *virtually* what theregister has said ....
>>>>> So I call FUD, because they first say it's hard, then they say it's
>>>>> easy all in the same article.
>>>> This author is a known Microsoft booster with am extensive  track
>>>> record and a Microsoft-only podcast he's doing with Mary Jo Foley.
>>>> Watch how almost every complaint about 9.10 points to his article
>>> Yes, its obviously FUD to me, based on my experience installing U9.10
>>> on two completely different machines, both of which were incredibly
>>> easy.
>> A few days ago I upgraded my Ubuntu installation. I got a notice that I
>> could upgrade online. I did this, left my machine and when I cam home a
>> few hours later, the upgrade to 9.10 was done. I cannot find anything
>> that is wrong. This is even easier than a clean install!! I do not know
>> what could be easier. I know of course that more often than not there
>> may be minor or sometimes even major problems after such an upgrade, but
>> my experience now is that the Ubuntu team did a VERY GOOD job.
>> Erik Jan
> Thanks for the update Erik, and of course I'm not surprised to hear that
> the reality of U9.10 is nothing like the current massive anti U9.10 FUD
> campaign is claiming.

Maybe start a little poll in COLA to see who had problems in 9.10 (except the trolls,
who are liars)?

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