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[News] Linux Mint 8 Now in Release Candidate

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Linux Mint 8 "Helena" RC1 released

,----[ Quote ]
| The Linux Mint team announced the release 
| of Linux Mint 8 Helena RC1. The 8th release 
| of Linux Mint comes with numerous bug fixes 
| and a lot of improvements.


Linux Mint 8 RC1 released


Watch what is build with Mint:

'Simple computer' introduced to help elderly

,----[ Quote ]
| Former Blue Peter presenter Valerie 
| Singleton has launched a new 'simple' 
| computer designed for the elderly.


New SimplicITy PC Encourages Elderly to get Online

,----[ Quote ]
| A new computer has debuted in the UK called 
| SimplicITy that is aimed directly at the 
| elderly. The computer forgoes the 
| complexities of the full windows operating 
| system and uses Linux. Rather than offering 
| users direct access to the normal Linux 
| start up screen the machine goes directly 
| to a screen called âsquare one.â


Breakfast briefing: a closer look at Eldy, retweet or not, iPhones and HP+3Com=?

,----[ Quote ]
|     Firstly: yes, the computers run Linux 
|     Mint and Eldy, but it is *not* the 
|     version of Eldy that is available for 
|     download from Vegan Solutions in 
|     Vicenza. We have been working with 
|     Enrico Neri and his team at Vegan 
|     Soln's for about six months now, 
|     building a special custom version of 
|     Eldy for our customers.
|     Eldy has some 180,000 users already in 
|     Italy, and it is an Italian product. 
|     They have produced versions for 
|     international users, but it must be 
|     admitted, their English translations do 
|     leave something to be desired in 
|     places. We are working on that with 
|     them, but our first priority was to get 
|     our own product on the market.



Review: Linux Mint 7 KDE

,----[ Quote ]
| Overall I like Mint 7 KDE.  The use of KDE 4.2 is
| good, but it leaves you wanting a bit more.  And
| that's in no way the fault of Mint.  It's just the
| fact that KDE4 is still maturing.  But as for the
| things that are controllable by Mint, everything
| is in great shape with no noticeable flaws that I
| could find.


Linux distro mints "Gloria" KDE release

,----[ Quote ]
| For those interested in a non-Linuxer point of view, Bruno Dieter Chan offers
| his thoughts in a July 28 review on TopTechNews, and they are, well,
| luke-warm. After praising the distro for playing all his multimedia files,
| for offering a good web-browsing experience, and for providing reasonably
| fast 30-second boots, the complaints kick in.
| The reviewer was disappointed in the lack of QuickTime support, as well as
| some movie "shudder" effects when he tried to use "restricted drivers for my
| ATI 4850 graphics card." He also groused over having to download a driver for
| his Creative X-Fi card, and then noted that it output audio through the
| motherboard instead of the X-Fi's jack. Also, apparently, Mint 7 didn't
| support plug-and-play with his Canon A400 or fully support his Sansa player.
| "Overall, Mint 7 offers most of the software that an average user needs,"
| concludes Chan. "Though I have issues with the OS, it still can be used as
| a 'light' desktop OS. But if you're going to do more than just Web browsing,
| then it would be better to stick with Mac OS or Windows."


Linux Mint 7 KDE

,----[ Quote ]
| All in all, Linux Mint is a fusion between the usability and tools of Linux
| Mint with the elegance of the KDE desktop. Iâm not a great fan of KDE, but
| the Linux Mint tools certainly help to put this distro above the rest.


Linux Mint 7 (KDE)

,----[ Quote ]
| Suitable For: Beginner, intermediate or advanced Linux users. Highly
| recommended for beginners.
| Summary:      A terrific alternative to the Gnome version of Linux Mint 7 for
| users.
| Rating:       4/5


Distro Hoppin`: Linux Mint 7 KDE Edition

,----[ Quote ]
| Linux Mint 7 KDE is a worthy addition to the Linux Mint family and is much,
| much better than the previous KDE release. I still prefer the main GNOME
| version over it, but there's definitely an ascending path going on. Oh, and
| with the 4.3.0 version of KDE just released, I can't wait until Linux Mint 8!


Linux Mint 7 âGloriaâ KDE released!

,----[ Quote ]
| Quick steps:
|     * Download the ISO or the torrent.
|     * While itâs downloading look at the overview of the new features and
|       make sure to quickly go through the known issues.
|     * After the ISO is downloaded verify the MD5.
|     * Burn the ISO at low speed and enjoy Linux Mint 7 KDE.

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