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[News] MySQL/Sun and Where It's All Going

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Communities Vs. Teams: Open Source Needs Both

,----[ Quote ]
| Some of this thinking arose from talk about 
| some of the gloomier prospects for MySQL, 
| speculation which goes as far back as Sun's 
| purchase of the company. What good is the 
| software without the team of people who 
| built it? It's difficult to replace the 
| synergy you get from such people (and I 
| hate that word, but it's really the only 
| one that fits) with folks who have been 
| largely on the outside looking in.


The MySQL question - free or free-market?

,----[ Quote ]
| Is MySQL free in a free-market? With the 
| European Commission's ongoing 
| investigation, a debate over what makes 
| free software free has emerged, ironically, 
| centred on how money is made from free 
| software.


The High-Exposure Company

,----[ Quote ]
| A few years ago Sun Microsystems paid $1 
| billion for open-source database maker 
| MySQL. At the time, Chief Executive 
| Jonathan Schwartz justified spending that 
| kind of money on the profitless venture for 
| the exposure it would give him to millions 
| of potential customers and software 
| developers around the world. They were the 
| kind of people Sun needed to reach in order 
| to sell Sun's computer servers, he said, 
| and the authenticity Sun gained from being 
| so heavily in open source was important in 
| winning their loyalty. "We are all media 
| companies now," he said.



Red Hat to work with MySQL regardless of EU

,----[ Quote ]
| Red Hat Inc., the biggest seller of the Linux
| operating system, said it hopes to continue to
| work closely with Sun Microsystems Inc.'s MySQL
| database regardless of the outcome of a
| European Commission antitrust complaint.

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