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[News] Mandriva 2010.0 with KDE4 is Perfect

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Mandriva 2010.0: Quite Possibly The Best KDE Distro This Year

,----[ Quote ]
| Conclusion
| Normally I like to provide the good and the 
| bad about every operating system I review, 
| however I cannot find anything to complain 
| about in Mandriva 2010. Although Iâve only 
| had a chance to test Kubuntu 9.10 and 
| Mandriva 2010 when it comes to the new wave 
| of Linux distroâs, itâs obvious to me 
| already that this release is nothing short 
| of amazing, and is everything Kubuntu 9.10 
| should have been. Mandriva has set the 
| standard that other KDE-based distributions 
| should follow yet again.
| Note: In addition, the GNOME version isnât 
| half bad either, although I havenât had as 
| much time to spend with it.
| The Good
|     * Everything
| The Bad
|     * Nothing
| Overall: 5/5 (Fantastic)


Mandriva Linux Community Words: Buchan Milne

,----[ Quote ]
| I am a 32-year-old system administrator 
| (âSenior IT Specialistâ), who studied to be 
| a Mechanical Engineer, but got into IT 
| while at University. I started my working 
| career at a Linux consulting company 
| (working as a consultant to an ISP, and 
| later on a custom Linux distribution based 
| on Mandrake Linux 9.1 for an OEM). The last 
| 4 years I have been at a Telco, working in 
| their ISP.



Mandriva Linux 2010 (Free)

,----[ Quote ]
| For this review I picked the Mandriva Linux
| 2010 (Free) version. This version contains
| 100% free software and weighs in at a
| chunky 4.3GB when you download it. Now
| please understand that I am not a âfree
| software fanaticâ type at all. I have no
| problem using distros that have some
| proprietary software blended into them but
| I like to use one that doesnât have that
| stuff every once in a while.
| [...]
| Summary:      Mandriva Linux 2010 (Free) is a
| great desktop distro for certain Linux
| users who prefer a distro with only âfreeâ
| software. Other folks should probably opt
| for Mandriva One or the Powerpack release
| which come bundled with Flash and other
| software.
| Rating:       4/5


Mandriva 2010 adds Moblin, rolls in full set of Eee PC drivers

,----[ Quote ]
| Mandriva Linux 2010 also contains âfull
| hardware support for every currently-
| available Eee (PC) modelâ, boasts the
| Mandriva 2010 Tour.
| âAll the Mandriva configuration tools have
| been tested and tweaked where appropriate
| to fit into the lower resolution screens
| common on netbooks, and we have also
| tweaked some third-party applications for
| this restraint.â


Mandriva Linux 2010 â Perhaps The Best Linux Release All Year

,----[ Quote ]
| This really is a banner release for Mandriva.
| Itâs been a long time since I could recommend
| it too much, but itâs moved way up my list
| with 2010. For new users the complete
| experience with Mandriva One live CD will
| convince you better than my words and for
| loyal users, well, you already know. It might
| be too soon to say, but it feels like this
| release will go down as Mandrivaâs best ever
| â and perhaps it just might be the best Linux
| release of the year.


Mandriva Linux 2010 â Very Impressive

,----[ Quote ]
| Mandriva, in my opinion, has the best KDE
| implementation around. They proved it once
| again with this release. The KDE edition is
| just awesome. I have not looked at the
| GNOME edition yet. Having used Mandrivaâs
| GNOME edition for the past year and a half,
| I think that would be just as great. I am
| anyway giving it a spin in the coming days.
| I would definitely recommend Mandriva 2010
| to any one who wants to get started with
| Linux or try out a great distribution.


Mandriva 2010 Final Perfect Window Killer

,----[ Quote ]
| For beginner to expert it is the excellent
| distro, a perfect window killer and better
| then Windows any version whether its
| XP,Vista or 7. So what you are looking for
| try once and forget everything.

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