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[News] Linux-powered Nokia N900 Gets Good Reviews

  • Subject: [News] Linux-powered Nokia N900 Gets Good Reviews
  • From: Roy Schestowitz <newsgroups@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Wed, 18 Nov 2009 01:08:53 +0000
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  • Newsgroups: comp.os.linux.advocacy
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Nokia N900: First Look

,----[ Quote ]
| The Nokia N900 has just started shipping 
| and there are already a number of reviews 
| of the device out on the net. I've had the 
| opportunity evaluate a pre-release N900 for 
| a few weeks now, and while you can expect a 
| full review in an upcoming issue of Linux 
| Journal, I wanted to give you a quick look 
| into what the N900 is like from the 
| perspective of your average Linux geek. If 
| you've read any of my previous articles in 
| Linux Journal, you'll know that I'm a vim-
| using, mutt-loving sysadmin who spends a 
| lot of time on the command line, so 
| hopefully I can provide a unique 
| perspective on this device.
| [...]
| If you look at the above list, it's 
| essentially the same sorts of things I do 
| on my regular laptop. What surprised me the 
| most about the device is just how much it 
| /feels/ like a regular Debian Linux 
| machine, especially on the command line. I 
| mean it uses upstart, pulseaudio, apt-get, 
| GTK and QT libraries, and when I want root 
| I don't have to use hacked firmware, I just 
| install the gainroot package and type sudo 
| gainroot.


Nokia Finally Releases N900, âTis Exciting But A Bit Late

,----[ Quote ]
| Nokia has finally released its Maemo5 based 
| smartphone â the N900. Maemo is Nokiaâs 
| next generation mobile OS. It is a Linux-
| based platform that seeks to take on such 
| juggernauts as the iPhone OS and the 
| Android.
| The N900 has intrigued the tech community 
| and people in general with its bevy of 
| features ever since it was first announce. 
| But when you look at it closely enough, it 
| seems like it is too little, too late yet 
| again. Reminds me of the N97 really.
| [...]
| The Nokia N900 Maemo5 phone is now on 
| preorder from the website for $649. 
| Availability is at end of this month 
| (November â09). Comes only in Black.


Nokia N900 Is a Multitasking Champ!

,----[ Quote ]
| The Nokia N900, with its Linux Maemo 
| operating system at its heart, is a 
| multitasking beast!



15 Ways Nokiaâs N900 Is Better Than Appleâs iPhone (and 5 ways itâs not)

,----[ Quote ]
| For almost 3 years, Appleâs iPhone has set
| the standard for mainstream smart phones.
| Recently, Apple has taken over a large
| portion of the smart phone market, now
| manufacturers like Nokia are taking the
| iPhone threat seriously and bringing out
| new phones to try to compete. One phone
| that looks like it has a real chance to
| compete with the iPhone is Nokiaâs new N900
| phone/internet tablet. Here are 15 ways we
| think that the N900 is better than the
| iPhone, and a few reasons why the iPhone is
| still better.


Palm shares rising on Nokia bid rumor

,----[ Quote ]
| It's also developing a new Linux-based
| operating system called Maemo that could
| vault it into the smart phone market in the
| U.S.


Nokia Rumored To Buy Palm Triggers Stock Surge


N900 to launch on Vodafone in November

,----[ Quote ]
| The anticipated Linux based device is due to
| hit the shops in November with Vodafone as
| candidate to sell it in the UK.


Nokia CEO says starts deliveries of top-model N900

,----[ Quote ]
| Nokia has started deliveries of its new top-
| of-the-range model N900, a key product for
| the world's top phone maker in its battle
| against rivals iPhone and Blackberry.

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