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[News] Even Famous Artists Embrace More Sharing, New Business Models

  • Subject: [News] Even Famous Artists Embrace More Sharing, New Business Models
  • From: Roy Schestowitz <newsgroups@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Wed, 18 Nov 2009 01:57:33 +0000
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Mariah Carey: The gloves are off

,----[ Quote ]
| The singer drops the sugar-coated simpering 
| and shoots from the lip about the music 
| industry and her new business model to save 
| it â which could make her the worldâs 
| richest recording artist


Mariah Carey Showing How The New Music Business Model Works For Megastars

,----[ Quote ]
| She's working closely with various brands 
| to help fund the business model. She's 
| selling other product lines such as makeup. 
| But, she's also come up with some unique 
| "reasons to buy." For example, she got the 
| magazine Elle to produce an entire issue 
| dedicated to her -- but the only way to get 
| it is to buy her new CD. In other words, 
| she's giving people a reason to buy the CD. 
| And... even better, she (or, her people) 
| sold the ads that are in the magazine and 
| gets to keep all of that money. It's the 
| superstar blend of recognizing that content 
| and advertising have really become the same 
| thing. 


T-shirt firm hijacks good ship Pirate Bay

,----[ Quote ]
| Sandryds Handels AB has been all over 
| Swedish Radio today, Torrentfreak reports, 
| saying it plans to use a tweaked version of 
| the Pirate Bay logo on a range of USB 
| sticks.



Musician Making A Living With Forty Committed True Fans

,----[ Quote ]
| Ariel Hyatt has been blogging about the
| concept of 1,000 True Fans and has an
| interview with musician Matthew Ebel, an
| up-and-coming musician who makes a living
| from his music, and breaks down the
| details -- including pointing out that he
| makes 26.3% of his net income from just 40
| hard-core fans.

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