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[News] Eben Moglen Explains Why Software Patents Make no Historical Sense

  • Subject: [News] Eben Moglen Explains Why Software Patents Make no Historical Sense
  • From: Roy Schestowitz <newsgroups@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Wed, 18 Nov 2009 02:04:52 +0000
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Eben Moglen on Patents @ Cardozo Mon 11/2

,----[ Quote ]
| The Internet Society â New York Chapter 
| (ISOC-NY) was happy and interested to co-
| sponsor, with the Intellectual Property Law 
| Society, a lunchtime lecture at the 
| Benjamin N. Cardozo School of Law on Monday 
| Nov 2 2009. Eben Moglen, Chairman of the 
| Software Freedom Law Center, spoke on the 
| topic â âPatent Law at a Crossroads: Bilski 
| and Beyondâ.


Patent lawyers don't understand software

,----[ Quote ]
| AN EXPERT IN COMPUTING has suggested that 
| most patent lawyers can't locate their 
| buttocks with both hands when it comes to 
| the nitty gritty of computing, and that 
| computers quite simply don't work the way 
| that most members of the legal profession 
| presume that they do.


Britney Spears, Justin Timberlake, Others Sued For Patent Infringement
For Appearing Larger Than Life

,----[Quote  ]
| Of course the lawsuit was filed in East 
| Texas, and it's amusing to see the 
| reasoning for this: according to the 
| lawsuit, all of the performers likely had 
| residents from East Texas who attended some 
| of their concerts, and thus it makes sense. 
| As for the Lakers, well, their games are 
| broadcast in East Texas (even if the screen 
| in question is in LA and probably not of 
| much use or concern to those watching at 
| home in East Texas).



Supreme Court Justice Kennedy Teaches Wrong Lesson On Freedom Of The Press

,----[ Quote ]
| You would think that a Supreme Court Justice
| (and the people who work for one) would know
| better than to tell any sort of news
| publication -- even a high school newspaper
| -- that he needed to approve any articles
| written about a speech he gave, but that
| appears to be exactly what happened with
| Justice Anthony Kennedy and a recent speech
| to Dalton High School students in Manhattan.


Porsche vs. Crocsâ

,----[ Quote ]
| But this one weâre giving away: in the 10-Q
| that footnoted frequent flyer Crocs (CROX)
| filed last week, there was an interesting
| new disclosure about Porsche, the German
| car-maker, suing Crocs, the Colorado-based
| shoe manufacturer over the use of the name
| Cayman.


Free Doesn't Mean Devalued

,----[ Quote ]
| More importantly, songwriters who get hung
| up on "devaluation" confuse recordings with
| music. They equate the two. A recording is
| not the song, it's just an instance of it,
| and a digital audio file is just an instance
| of the recording.


Google Doesn't Rely On Intellectual Property For Its Leadership Position

,----[ Quote ]
| And that -- right there -- is the key point
| we keep trying to make around here. You
| don't need to rely on intellectual property.
| And, if you do, you are opening yourself up
| wide to competition that doesn't rely on IP
| and innovates in a way that simply cuts your
| legs out from under you. Yet... we'll still
| hear stories for years about how all of
| Google's billions are because of its
| intellectual property, even as it gives away
| more and more of it each and every day.

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