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Re: [News] Mandriva 2010.0 with KDE4 is Perfect

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____/ Richard Rasker on Wednesday 18 Nov 2009 12:54 : \____

> Roy Schestowitz wrote:
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>> Mandriva 2010.0: Quite Possibly The Best KDE Distro This Year
>> ,----[ Quote ]
>> | Conclusion
>> | Normally I like to provide the good and the
>> | bad about every operating system I review,
>> | however I cannot find anything to complain
>> | about in Mandriva 2010
>> | ...
> I have 2010.0 running on four boxes right now: two users whom I upgraded
> from 2008.1(*), and two new users. The only complaint I got from one of the
> former was about Konqueror: why it wasn't the file manager any more, and
> where they could find the picture view in Dolphin.
> Not that there was anything wrong with their 2008.1 installation, but
> they're the kind of people who like to try new things -- and they most
> certainly liked what they heard about Mandriva 2010.
> The two newbies (or actually three, because one machine is used by an
> elderly couple) have no real complaints, although they do have a lot of
> simple questions along the lines of "how do I change the sound
> volume", "how can I receive HTML e-mail" or "how do I save documents in MS
> Office format" etcetera. In other words: no real problems there, just the
> usual adaptation issues.
> And oh, there were no hardware issues whatsoever installation-wise. None.
> The wireless card on one of the machines (Atheros, I believe) was
> recognized and installed out-of-the-box, and worked fine right away. Most
> shortcut keys were also recognized, and suspend/hibernate simply works too.
> Notwithstanding this, I would never call any distribution or OS "Perfect" --
> I'm too much of a nerd to recognize the fact that there's always something
> less than perfect, especially in software -- but from what I've seen so
> far, Mandriva 2010 is very, very good indeed.
> I'm rather tempted to make the switch myself on my main work machine (which
> still runs 2008.1) -- but as I'm in the middle of two big electronics
> projects and a house remodeling right now, making yet another change is a
> bit too disruptive at the moment, even if it would take less than an hour.

2008.1 has been excellent and I used it until August when I decided to move to KDE4.
The only issue I've had was one GPU crash (once in over 2 months), everything else
is more polished than in KDE3.

GPU crashes can be caused for reasons that are not related to software
(I have one of the Nvidia cards from the notoriously defective line and I had
about 4 GPU crashes in a year and a half).

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