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Re: First Sip of Wine

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____/ Rockinghorse Winner on Wednesday 18 Nov 2009 18:54 : \____

> I promised myself a long time ago I would not let Windows software onto my
> computers. I have kept that promise for as long as I have been exclusively
> using Ubuntu - 7 years or so. I prided myself on being able to do everything
> I used to do in windows in Linux, and with less failures and headaches.
> But I reached a crisis point last week when a friend invited me to join them
> on Poker Stars. The software is Windows only. I was crestfallen. And then I
> remembered Wine. I figured I would give it a try, although I didn't have
> high hopes for this rather unconventional appearing window app working in
> Wine.
> I installed Wine, which installed neatly into a single dot subdirectory in
> my Home directory. Then I downloaded the Pokerstars.exe install file, ran
> wine PokerstarsInstall.exe, and was off to the races.
> Much to my surprise, the install 'wizard' started right up on screen just as
> I remembered them. After a few clicks of Next, Next, and Next, I was
> through. Looking through the .wine directory I found the Pokerstars
> directory and the binaries in it. I ran wine Pokerstars.exe, and the thing
> started just like I'd seen it on my friend's computer. Amazing. I couldn't
> believe what an easy process it was to run a Windows app on Linux.
> I was impressed with Linux before, but now I am doubly so. To be able to run
> a Windows app seamlessly on your Linux machine is wonderful.
> I am grateful to all the programmers who make it possible.

Now, let's try the opposite. If I were to use a Windows box, how would
I launch knode on it?

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