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Re: Face it: Linux is getting BORING

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____/ Chris Ahlstrom on Wednesday 18 Nov 2009 23:11 : \____

> Don Zeigler pulled this Usenet boner:
>> Despite the yelping of the trolls, by and large most of the major Linux
>> distros just aren't that challenging anymore when it comes to installation.
>> Since I've been off on medical leave, I have played with at least 10
>> distributions. Installation was so trouble-free it was hard not to doze off.
>> I answered a few questions, let the installers do their thing, rebooted and
>> voila - working systems. So why does the myth that Linux is hard to set up
>> persist? True, some laptops have trouble, but I think that for the desktop
>> user setting up their machine, the days of editing config files by hand or
>> working from the command line are over.
> Well, as long as there are Windows Registry edits, you'll have Linux
> configuration-file edits.
>       :-D
> Truthfully, I'm kind of surprised that more hardware vendors haven't gotten
> onboard the Linux train.  Well, not so surprised when you see just how full
> of subsidized third-party software the average Windows computer is filled
> with these days.
> Hey, sounds like my code (ha ha):

What configuration files do you ever change on your /desktop/? Just curious...

I only use the CLI to transcode videos because it's fast. It's an instruction with

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