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Re: Face it: Linux is getting BORING

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____/ Chris Ahlstrom on Thursday 19 Nov 2009 00:01 : \____

> Roy Schestowitz pulled this Usenet boner:
>> What configuration files do you ever change on your /desktop/? Just
>> curious...
> .vimperatorrc
> .mrxvtrc
> .bashrc
> .vimrc and all of the .vim directory
> .fluxbox directory and much of its contents
> .muttrc (it is the world's most popular emailer :-) and the aliases file
> .slrnc and the xfaces and scoring fle
> .xbindkeysrc
> .xsession
> Some of the /etc/ files, too.
> The rest I just change in their GUIs.  Years ago, when I started with
> RedHat, I used the "linuxconf" GUI to change everything, until I realized
> how much more fun and robust it was to make my changes in situ *and*
> document them.
> I have moved most of the files above to a .config/personal directory, and I
> soft-link the above to *.rc files.  And I simply tar up .config/personal
> and copy it over to my other machines for a more uniform environment.
>> I only use the CLI to transcode videos because it's fast. It's an
>> instruction with filename.
> I use the CLI for sox, vi, gdb/cgdb, mc, mutt, slrn, wget, ssh, ncftp,
> xpdf/evince, make, setting wallpaper, controlling mpd (music player daemon),
> and also to start OpenOffice on a particular document.
> Why?
> It's fast and easy, nothing more.

Ah, OK. But all have GUI substitutes/front ends. You use he CLI by choice, not need.

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