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[News] Open Access Celebrates More Wins

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Access to online information and knowledge â advancing human rights and democracy 

,----[ Quote ]
| Information and knowledge are crucial 
| factors in human development. We are 
| reminded of this constantly, from the 
| âknowledge economyâ we live in, to the 
| emotional and financial power that 
| information and communications 
| technologies (ICTs) have over our lives. 
| In the words of philosopher Francis Bacon, 
| âScientia potentia estâ â knowledge itself 
| is power. Present-day movements for access 
| to knowledge and the right to information 
| have their origins in this simple and 
| arguably ancient idea. Despite a rich 
| history and wide intellectual acceptance, 
| the right to know is not universally 
| granted, and the right to know on the 
| internet is a particularly bitter struggle 
| in many parts of the world.[1]


B-Reel goes Open Source to Standardize Digital and Integrated Production

,----[ Quote ]
| As for the open source approach, "we just 
| figured it would be easier for everybody 
| to contribute via a wiki than by email or 
| meetings. We kind of hope that would 
| [lead] to getting balanced general terms, 
| a unified view on the process and some 
| good assets to use for producers. We think 
| it will evolve in iterations as an ongoing 
| thing, in smaller and smaller movements, 
| with more and more focus," Wahlquist says. 
| "Whenever there is a substantial addition, 
| we'll add it to the bidsheet. We would 
| welcome anyone to endorse it, add to it or 
| to help in any way."


Jimmy Wales interview: Wikipedia is focusing on accuracy

,----[ Quote ]
| Jimmy Wales is eating dinner alongside 
| Princess Caroline of Monaco. Web royalty 
| has come to meet the real thing. Wales, 
| the man who co-founded Wikipedia eight 
| years ago, is in Monaco to be awarded the 
| Monaco Media Prize at the principalityâs 
| annual invite-only media forum.



100 Excellent Open Access Journals for Educators

,----[ Quote ]
| Just like physicians, the best educators
| stay informed with the latest developments
| in their field. Luckily, it doesnât take
| anything more than time to have access to
| quality journals for educators. The
| following open access journals provide top-
| notch scholarly information available at no
| cost. Most of these journals are published
| just once or a few times a year, so
| subscribe to several so you can keep up-to-
| date on the latest research coming out of
| the field of education.


Free Movies Online: Great Classics, Indies, Film Noir, Documentaries & More

,----[ Quote ]
| Where to watch free movies online? Letâs
| get you started. First, we have listed
| dozens of free, high quality films that you
| can watch online. Then, below, you can find
| movie sites that feature free movie
| collections. Classics, international, film
| noir, documentaries, indies â theyâre all
| here, waiting to be watched.


British Library's Bitter Digital Milestone

,----[ Quote ]
| That is: digitising content that is out of
| copyright, in the public domain, and then
| making us pay through the nose - us as in
| muggins public, which has kept the British
| Library going for two centuries thanks to
| our taxes, in case you'd forgotten - for
| the privilege of viewing it online.
| Thanks a bunch, BL, for locking up "an
| increasing proportion of the nation's
| intellectual output" behind a paywall,
| where few will ever see it: that's what
| spreading knowledge is all about, isn't it?
| Great work from a quondam great
| institution, more millstone than
| milestone...

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