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[News] Another Big Win for GNU/Linux in Sub-notebooks: OLPC in 13 More Schools

  • Subject: [News] Another Big Win for GNU/Linux in Sub-notebooks: OLPC in 13 More Schools
  • From: Roy Schestowitz <newsgroups@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Fri, 20 Nov 2009 03:10:53 +0000
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  • Newsgroups: comp.os.linux.advocacy
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Laptops for each student in 13 schools

,----[ Quote ]
| In line with the national drive to arm the 
| younger generation with the knowledge of 
| English and Information Technology, the 
| Education Ministry has taken steps to issue 
| laptop computers to each and every student 
| in thirteen schools. The program is carried 
| out under the âOne Laptop Per Child (OLPC) 
| program conducted by the Education Ministry 
| in collaboration with the University of 
| Colombo. The program is funded by the World 
| Bank. Under this program, 1,250 laptop 
| computers will be distributed to students 
| in 13 primary schools. 

How Jolicloud is adding support for GMA 500 graphics

,----[ Quote ]
| As I mentioned the other day, the folks 
| behind the netbook-friendly Jolicloud 
| operating system are in the process of 
| adding support for machines with Intel Atom 
| Z5xx processors and integrated GMA 500 
| graphics. For the most part, systems with 
| GMA 500 graphics donât perform as well as 
| laptops with the more common GMA 950 
| graphics chipset. But GMA 500 does have a 
| few tricks up its sleeve. It can handle 
| hardware decoding of some HD video, for 
| instance. And the Atom Z5xx/GMA 500 combo 
| uses less power, which helps prolong 
| battery life.



Nepal sets example with school laptops

,----[ Quote ]
| KATHMANDU, Nov 9: Nearly 2,000 children in
| 26 schools across six districts are
| currently using computers with internet
| access as part of non-governmental
| organization Open Learning Exchange (OLE)
| NepalÂs collaborative initiative with the
| Ministry of Education (MOE) to transform
| education through technology.


Over 1.1 Million Sugar Activities in the Wild!

,----[ Quote ]
| In the New York Times article Nonprofit
| Laptops: A Dream Not Yet Over, we are
| teased with the suggestion that next month
| we'll have the OLPC 1.5 in production,
| with double the speed and four times more
| memory than the XO-1.


OLPC switching to ARM, plans paper thin netbook

,----[ Quote ]
| One Laptop per Child chairman Nicholas
| Negroponte told Xconomy that OLPC is
| prepping an ARM-based version 1.75 of its
| XO netbook while planning to release a
| "paper-thin" version 3.0 in 2012.
| Meanwhile, the Internet Archive is
| providing OLPC users with 1.6 million e-
| books, says the nonprofit organization.


BoomingBang: XO Laptop Role Playing Game

,----[ Quote ]
| BoomingBang, a RPG game, whose release is
| due till late OCTOBER 09. The BoomingBang
| project, started by me, Abhishek Indoria,
| initially, and a friend, was a small
| deployment. It was started in March 2009,
| when none of them (us, actually) have heard
| of OLPC. Back again, in June, 2 XO laptops
| were requested, and the project was started
| officially.


Negroponte: XO-1.75 goes ARM, XO-2 is canceled

,----[ Quote ]
| An ARM based XO-1.75 on the other hand is much
| more of an evolutionary rather than a
| revolutionary step into the future. So many
| people, especially a certain Charbax, had long
| expected OLPC to move from an x86 to an ARM
| design.


Three reasons Microsoft shouldn't port Windows to the ARM processor

,----[ Quote ]
| Without a version of Windows tailored for ARM netbooks, Linux-based platforms
| such as Google Inc.'s Android mobile operating system could thrive and turn
| the search and Web services company into "more of a competitor in the desktop
| operating system business than we ever have before," admitted Microsoft CEO
| Steve Ballmer to Wall Street last month.


OLPC Set to Dump X86 for Arm Chips in XO-2

,----[ Quote ]
| [T]he Arm chip could lead to problems for XO-2 in trying to load a full
| version of Windows, Negroponte said. As with the XO-1, OLPC wants to offer a
| dual-boot option on XO-2 where users can choose to load either Linux or a
| full Windows OS. While Arm processors can run Windows Mobile operating
| systems, they can't run a full Windows OS.

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