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News] Patent System in the Philippines Hijacked by Multinationals, Invaders

  • Subject: News] Patent System in the Philippines Hijacked by Multinationals, Invaders
  • From: Roy Schestowitz <newsgroups@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Fri, 20 Nov 2009 03:50:14 +0000
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90% of local patents applied for and granted come from nonresidents

,----[ Quote ]
| THE countryâs patent landscape continues to 
| be dominated by foreign owners, with data 
| both from the World Intellectual Property 
| Organization (Wipo) and the Intellectual 
| Property Office of the Philippines (IP 
| Philippines) indicating that over 90 
| percent of the patents applied for and 
| granted here were from nonresidents.
| Wipoâs 2009 World IP Indicators revealed 
| that the Philippines had the third-largest 
| number of patent applications among 20 
| emerging countries that the group surveyed 
| after the Ukraine and Indonesia.
| However, 96.4 percent of the patents 
| granted in the Philippines were issued to 
| nonresident filers.
| The report, which was based on the 2006 
| worldwide statistics, also showed that 92.9 
| percent of the patents filed in the 
| Philippines were from nonresident filers.


WIPO Launches Enhanced Patent Information Service

,----[ Quote ]
| WIPO has launched an enhanced online patent 
| information service that will improve 
| public access to information on patents 
| filed and granted around the world. WIPOâs 
| PATENTSCOPEÂ, which currently hosts data on 
| more than 1.6 million international patent 
| applications filed under the Patent 
| Cooperation Treaty (PCT), has been extended 
| to include several collections of national 
| and regional patent information.



How Patents Are Harming Small Companies Too

,----[ Quote ]
| One of the more annoying things about the whole debate on patent reform is
| that some have tried to position it as "small companies" vs. "big companies."
| That's not even close to true. While there have been plenty of high profile
| fights between patent holders vs. big companies, that's only a small part of
| the issue. And, in fact, it's often smaller, more innovative companies that
| are the most harmed by patents. Joe Mullin has a great post looking at how
| small mom-and-pop photo sharing sites are being hit with a bunch of patent
| infringement lawsuits.
| [...]
| What about the guy who can put a bunch of different ideas together to make a
| much better product, but is unable to because multiple patent holders all
| want a huge % of his earnings? Time and time again we hear stories of small
| businesses who feel the patent system is holding them back in significant
| ways -- and it's a true shame.

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