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[News] OOo4Kids Comes to OLPC Platform

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OOo4Kids.activity.xo is available ! 

,----[ Quote ]
| On XO machines, when using Sugar, an 
| application must respect some criterias, to 
| appear listed as activity. We had in the scope 
| to provide OOo4Kids as activity on Sugar. 



OOo4kids: Special Version for Kids

,----[ Quote ]
| In my view i think, that this is an useful Applications
| for the Kids. Iâm very interested in the upcoming
| Versions.


OOo4Kids proposed as part of OpenOffice.org Project

,----[ Quote ]
| Today, I proposed  OOo4Kids to become a part of OpenOffice.org Project.


Qimo4Kids.com - Linux For Kids

,----[ Quote ]
| Nowadays kids are getting more and more familiar with computers. That takes
| place through games, movies, pictures and all kind of educational programs.
| And now, there is a new solution for you to give your kids the possibility to
| use a computer in a fun way.
| Qimo4Kids.com is a website that was specially developed in order to provide
| users with all the information they need about a new operative system for
| kids. This system was created as a version of Linux for kids.


Michelle Hall On Qimo - Linux For Kids

,----[ Quote ]
| In the very near future, we're going to be releasing a Wiki, promoting
| information exchange between as many small grass-roots charities like ours as
| possible, and to encourage men and women in communities around the world to
| join us in bridging the technological divide. Additionally, we're hoping to
| release a more feminized version of Qimo, with a female mascot, and more
| feminized colorscheme, in the next few months, to encourage girls to start
| using technology. We hope to time this release with the Qimo v2.0 release in
| early fall. And third, we're looking to release a High School version,
| targeting the teenage demographic, sometime in the next year.

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