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Re: Ping TomB: recordmydesktop

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____/ TomB on Monday 23 Nov 2009 00:49 : \____

> On 2009-11-22, the following emerged from the brain of Snit:
>> Homer stated in post 7iqot6-6ct.ln1@xxxxxxxxxx on 11/22/09 3:28 PM:
>>> WorksForMeÂ:
>>> http://media.slated.org/albums/content/video/recordmydesktop.ogv
>>> Captured using recordmydesktop-, on an AMD Turion
>>> 64 ML-37, and 1GB RAM.
>>> The framerate is 25fps, and I used the "--full-shots" flag (no deltas,
>>> full screenshot every frame). It's a fullscreen capture at 1680x1050
>>> (widescreen) 32bit, and includes audio. Just to show off, I even ran a
>>> game (Quake 2, using OpenGL renderer).
>>> There's some slightly noticible lag in places, a section with a bit of
>>> graphical corruption, and a "broken pipe" warning message (probably
>>> thanks to me pushing it by running a game too), but then given the age
>>> of this system (5+ years) and the extreme settings used to capture,
>>> frankly I'm amazed it came out so well.
>> Is there anything on Linux for screencast editing... maybe something like
>> Camtasia for Windows (or, now, Mac) or ScreenFlow (for Mac)?
> Kino works for me.

kdenlive is nice.

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