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[News] [Rival] Cracked.com Trashes Vista 7

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Windows 7 

,----[ Quote ]
| The "Windows 7 Launch Party" ads are proof 
| that the Homo Sapiens are dividing into new 
| species. Whole teams of marketing executives, 
| PR hacks and television "people" got together 
| and produced this thing without once realizing 
| it was a parody of human interaction. And they 
| aren't rogue mutants; those are modern jobs - 
| entire tax brackets filled with things who can 
| no longer communicate with real people without 
| a team of fake-smiling market-focussed 
| minorities. And it's interesting to see that, 
| on some survey somewhere, "old" is now a token 
| demographic.



Windows 7: The First Blue Screen

,----[ Quote ]
| My main Windows 7 system, which has been
| rock solid since I installed the shipping
| version of the operating system in early
| August, presented me with my first Blue
| Screen of Death this morning. The system
| had been acting a bit cranky for an hour or
| so when it suddenly crashed.


Will the real "new" features in Windows 7 please stand up

,----[ Quote ]
| What I do dislike is the marketing coming
| out of Redmond. Why?
| Once again Microsoft is claiming creation
| of features that have been in other
| operating systems for a while now. This
| happens nearly every time Microsoft
| releases a new operating system. And in
| this weekâs open source blog, I thought I
| would illustrate that point with regards to
| Windows 7. It is not my intention to do a
| feature-for-feature comparison, but point
| out the features Microsoft are claiming to
| be ânewâ that have actually been in Linux
| for a while.
| I want to make a point, though, of saying
| this is not an article cutting down one
| operating system while supporting another.
| I am just pointing out the errors of the PR
| machine at Microsoft. With that said, here
| we go.
| Aero: We all know this isnât new. And we
| all know that Linux has had every feature
| displayed in Aero for some time now. This
| is one area that really burns my cheeks.
| Microsoft claims to have redesigned the
| desktop experience, when in fact they just
| took ideas from Compiz and OS X and claimed
| it as theirs.


Is WIndows 7 still a Crossgrade? Yes.

,----[ Quote ]
| Thing is, upgrades don't actually exist in
| the Windows world. They don't. This is not
| an opinion. This is not up for an argument.
| Windows Upgrades do not exist.
| It is, however, possible to crossgrade
| across different versions of Windows. What
| you can do is trade the problems of one
| Windows system for the problems of another
| Windows system. In Windows 95 you traded
| the small size of the Operating System for
| increased bulk. I don't mean just amount of
| space taken up on the hard-drive, I mean
| the performance of the OS as well. Windows
| 98 didn't have high system requirements...
| but it couldn't run on some really low end
| computers that Win95 could.


Feature-By-Feature: Ubuntu 9.10 Vs. Windows 7

,----[ Quote ]
| Ubuntu 9.10 Desktop
| Karmic Koala's desktop should be familiar
| to Windows users. Right-click menu
| shortcuts and  personalizing the desktop
| features are similar to Windows 7. The
| desktop still isn't as "glitzy" as Windows
| 7, but users can get the eye candy of
| Windows 7 with a fast graphics card and can
| choose the "Extra" settings in Ubuntu
| 9.10's "Appearance Preferences."


Ubuntu Karmic Koala- A perfect alternative to Windows 7

,----[ Quote ]
| Before you decide to pay for a Windows 7 license, I
| would humbly urge you to first download a copy of
| Karmic Koala, give it a try for a week or two and
| then make an unbiased assessment of it yourself.
| You will see that you would not have to spend money
| whatsoever on a pile of software that crumbles at
| the least attack made on it. Do you intend using
| Windows 7? Please tell us why or why you would not
| use Ubuntu.

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