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Re: [News] Microsoft Still Shamelessly Patents Other People's Ideas

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____/ JEDIDIAH on Tuesday 24 Nov 2009 15:07 : \____

> On 2009-11-24, Chris Ahlstrom <ahlstromc@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>> Erik Funkenbusch pulled this Usenet boner:
>>> On Mon, 23 Nov 2009 09:58:34 -0600, JEDIDIAH wrote:
>>>>> You should try looking at "news" sources other than BN. If you looked at
>>>>> actual news sources, you'd know that what Microsoft is trying to patent
>>>>> has little to do with sudo or the GNOME/KDE front ends for it. The
>>>> ...what Microsoft is trying to patent is the conceptual equivalent. It is
>>>> what a Windows version of gksudo would need to be with the addition of one
>>>> little extra bit that's hardly inventive.
>>> Really?  Of course you know better then the actual maintainer of sudo, who
>>> says something it's something totally different.
>>> You really are a genius.
>> How come you bastards never offer up a quote and link?
>> Lazy?  Or slippery?
>     ...quite so.
>     This nonsense is total hearsay. This sudo guy is obviously not here
> to defend himself or keep his words from being misrepresented. OTOH, the
> trolls can't even be bothered to repeat the relevant argument or quote
> the bit of text that's supposed to be contradictory.
>     It doesn't take a "genuis" to have a conceptual grasp of sudo.
>     THAT is rather the whole point of this shenanigan.
>     Microsoft is not attempting to patent any sort of "genius".

Microsoft just wants to increase patent count so that it can
intimidate/extort rivals without undoing the kimono. 

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