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[News] UK Surveillance Society Progresses

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Alan Johnson on DNA retention - a quick fisk

,----[ Quote ]
| The Home Secretary Alan Johnson has today 
| written a short defence of the practice of 
| retaining innocent DNA on the national 
| database for six years. You can read the 
| article in full on the Guardian Comment is 
| Free, but we thought we'd pick out a few 
| choice cuts and show why his reasoning is 
| faulty, unreferenced and internally 
| inconsistent.
|     "The most recent research supports the 
|     case for the retention of DNA profiles 
|     of those arrested but not convicted. It 
|     also shows that, after six years, the 
|     probability of re-arrest is no higher 
|     than for the rest of the population."
| [...]
| The Minister quotes several cases in which 
| the DNA evidence was critical in securing 
| convictions, but we all know that the police 
| frequently solve crimes committed by people 
| who have never given a sample. Yet again 
| this is a policy driven by political 

| expediency, research we can't read and the 
| desire to be 'seen to be doing something' 
| with little consideration of the wider 
| consequences.


Street Artist Cautioned and DNA taken

,----[ Quote ]
| Prolific and talented street artist Nathan 
| Bowen was formally cautioned by the City of 
| London police on 17th November for causing 
| Â100 worth of "damage" to building boards in 
| the City of London. He spent two hours at
| Snowhill police station  being cautioned and 
| having his DNA taken.


A Proportionate Response to "Proportionate"

,----[ Quote ]
| It's the ultimate argument-killer when 
| people raise the big issues like liberty to 
| defend themselves from ever-more intrusive 
| "security" legislation - which strangely 
| always turns out to be "surveillance" of the 
| little people like you and me. Yes, it seems 
| to say, you're right, this *is* a tricky 
| one, but we must find a compromise "to 
| balance all these factors", as Alan Johnson 
| puts it. And the way we do that is by making 
| a *proportionate* response.


IAB and Pinsent Masons try to confuse the public over new cookie rules

,----[ Quote ]
| IAB and Struan Robertson from Pinsent Masons 
| (among others with a vested interest) are 
| all over the press today claiming that the 
| ammendments to Article 5(3) of Directive 
| 2002/58/EC allow companies to continue to 
| use Opt-Out.  But today they have stooped to 
| new levels of delivering misinformation.
| They claim that the new rules state that 
| cookie management can be done through the 
| browser (such as Firefox or Internet 
| Explorer) and hark this as a triumph both 
| for industry and consumers.  Unfortunately 
| for them, their claims are utter rubbish and 
| Commissioner Reding has been quick to issue 
| a clarifying statement to the press this 
| morning

The Emperor's Codes: The Breaking of Japan's Secret Ciphers 

,----[ Quote ]
| ...just like in today's GSM (A5/1) crypto 
| attacks, even back then the importance of 
| known plaintext could not be underestimated. 
| The verbosity of Japanese soldiers 
| addressing a superior officer and the 
| stereotypical nature of reports on weather 
| or troop movements gave the cryptographers 
| plenty of known plaintext for many of their 
| intercepted message.
| What was also new to me is the fact that the 
| British even back then demanded that 
| Cable+Wireless provides copies of all 
| telegraphs through their network. And that's 
| some 70-80 years before data retention on 
| communications networks becomes a big topic 
| ;) 



Schneier sticks it to surveillance

,----[ Quote ]
| Security guru Bruce Schneier has challenged the view that privacy and
| security are at loggerheads, suggesting the real debate is between liberty
| and control.
| [...]
| "Identity cards are just a temporary solution until biometrics take over. In
| five years or so these checks will happen in the background using RFID chips,
| you won't even know you are being checked."

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