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Re: LSE's DotNOT system implodes again

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____/ High Plains Thumper on Saturday 28 Nov 2009 03:19 : \____

> Roy Schestowitz wrote:
>> High Plains Thumper on Friday:
>>> Non scrivetemi wrote:
>>>> http://www.theregister.co.uk/2009/11/26/lse_crash_again/ [...]
>>> I found these following statements of interest:
>>> [quote]
>>> The TradElect platform on which trading depends has a flakey
>>> history despite a .NET upgrade overseen by Accenture. Microsoft and
>>> Cisco were blamed for the last failure, but the Exchange chose not
>>> to reveal what the problems were.
>>> From 9.33 this morning customers had problems connecting to two
>>> Trading Gateways, problems which lasted an hour.
>>> By 10.35 the Exchange gave up and put all orders in to an auction
>>> call period - buy orders are matched to sellers, but the deal does
>>> not actually go through until the period ends. LSE has yet to
>>> announce when this "uncrossing time" will be.
>>> [/quote]
>>> Since the trolls won't be able to counter, all they will do is
>>> flame the advocates, which they have been doing all along.  This is
>>> why they resort to false accusations, ad hominems and even libel to
>>> drown out advocacy.
>> Has Microsoft found another flag carrier to replace LSE in anti-Linux
>> ads?
> That I haven't heard, but I am sure they will come up with someone.
> Have you found any nibbles yet?
> I find this article of great interest:
> [quote]
> London Stock Exchange down again after connectivity problem
> New issue on costly outgoing platform
> By Leo King, Computerworld UK, 11/26/2009
> The London Stock Exchange has taken down electronic trading, after its
> fourth major technological incident in just over a year.
> The problem today is the result of intermittent "connectivity issues"
> with clients trying to use the trading platform. Over the last year,
> traders have been frustrated by a string of technical problems they have
> faced.
> A spokesperson steadfastly refused to give any further technical details
> of what has happened or how it is being fixed, but insisted the issue
> was being investigated.
> Issues emerged at 9.30 am today, and the LSE suspended trading at 10.33
> am, sending all stocks to auction instead. This means trades are agreed
> but do not go through until later in the day.
> The exchange's troubled TradElect platform was upgraded in 2008 by
> Accenture at a cost of Â40 million, is based around Microsoft .Net
> architecture and runs on HP ProLiant servers with Cisco networking
> technology.
> TradElect is due to be replaced at the end of 2010 with an open source
> product from new LSE acquisition MillenniumIT. The outgoing platform's
> messaging speed is reportedly five times slower than rival Chi-X.
> [/quote]
> http://www.networkworld.com/news/2009/112609-london-stock-exchange-down-again.html
> To quickly abandon the Microsoft .NET technology reported to be 5 times
> slower than the proven Chi-X system certainly does not speak highly for
> Microsoft.

That's why Microsoft is banning benchmarks with a EULA, too.

Microsoft's own benchmarks are fake and led to lawsuits.

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