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Re: [News] [Rival] Totality Likes Totality (Microsoft STILL Supports Oppressive Regime)

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____/ Goblin on Sunday 29 Nov 2009 18:42 : \____

> Hadron wrote:
>> "Amanda Shithousedoor" <amanda@xxxxxxxxx> writes:
>>> "High Plains Thumper" <highplainsthumper@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> schreef in bericht
>>> news:heu88n$qc1$1@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
>>>> Roy Schestowitz wrote:
>>>>> Boycotting Microsoft Bing Is No Funny Thing
>>>>> ,----[ Quote ]
>>>>>> Kristof broached this subject with Microsoft back in June, and the
>>>>>> company claimed it was a bug. Six months later, he wrote, the
>>>>>> censorship continues, with Microsoft claiming "that a search in any
>>>>>> given language emphasizes results from within the country that uses
>>>>>> that language. Thus if you search in the simplified characters used
>>>>>> within China, then you get disproportionately Chinese propaganda."
>>>>> `----
>>>>> http://googlewatch.eweek.com/content/bing/boycotting_microsoft_bing_is_no_funny_thing.html
>>>> There is no need to boycott it.  I simply don't use it.  I don't see
>>>> anything better about it over Google.  I am sure others see the same.
>>> Why is Roy "working" on his own search engine then? (Urine or something like
>>> that)
>> Roy isn't working on Urine. He stuck up a single html entry field which
>> does nothing and awaited the approach of the bearded masses to
>> "implement" his "idea". Roy is the kind of freetard who is all big ideas
>> and zero actual contribution.
>> Here's an example of Roy type contribution with some sucking up from
>> Liarnut:-
>> Roy: "Yah, well I can see time machines being Linux based."
>> Liarnut : fnarr, fnarr, me too Roy. Me too. Goddarn that Winders,
>> yessirree, they couldnt with that could they Roy? Could they? eh eh?
>> Roy <in "basically" high pitched nerd voice> (pushing the panting
>> Ahlstrom off his leg : "Well what you have to remember Chris is that
>> using sed and awk anything is possible..."
>> Ahlstrom: "I used them too Roy. In my bash scripts. They're really
>> cool. Yuk Yuk! The winders guys dont use sed and awk do they Roy? Do
>> they Roy? eh Roy? Eh?"
>> Roy <flipping Chris a doggy drop< : "No Liarsuck they don't. Now get off
>> my knee and go back to COLA and make more things up. Tim Smith is
>> playing up. Attack him with some lies".
>> Chris : "Sure thing Master! yuk yuk! Eyes be out outta here to do yer
>> bidding! fnarr fnarr! Ooo,oo, my pee pee is wet."
>> Roy : Yup. My time machine should soon be done ...
>>> Without M$ related search result, the biggest "Me too-er" of all times.
>>> I bet it's going to be a "trollfree" search engine as well, you might like
>>> it! ;-)

Another homosexual fantasy brought to you by Microsoft, via Senor "Hadron".

> Is there any need to boycott Bing?
> Bing:
> ânoun British Dialect.
> a heap or pile.
> Says it perfectly.

I just call it Bong. Or Binge. \o/

Microsoft's latest attempt to topple Google has failed, as expected. Not even
a massive Slog and bribery of bloggers+press worked this time around. :-)

- -- 
		~~ Best of wishes

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